There is so much to do in Thailand with kids. Here are our tips for family-friendly Thailand activities for families like yours.

Thailand with Kids Thailand for Families: Our Tips for Family-Friendly Thailand

Thailand for Families

Keiko and I had been backpacking in in the country several times before we visited Thailand with kids. Then when we started our life of full-time travel in 2013, we wanted to go back to live in Thailand with kids for a few months and see what family-friendly Thailand activities we could discover.

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Thailand is safe, beautiful and affordable. It also offers a diverse range of family activities. Most people think of Thai beaches, of course, and they really are amazing. However, we chose to live in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s northern capital, and we had an amazing family experience there. You may have heard about Chiang Mai being a digital nomad hub, as well, and it’s true. Why? because Thailand’s internet is amazingly fast and found all over the place, and Chiang Mai has an excellent coffee shop and co-working scene.

Bangkok is an incredible city as well, but perhaps our favorite place to explore in Thailand with kids is Krabi. Located on Thailand’s southwest coast, (not far from our temporary home in Penang, actually) Krabi has beautiful beaches, dense jungles, and amazing rock climbing opportunities.

Thailand with Kids: Our Family-Friendly Thailand Posts

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Most of my posts below deal with Chiang Mai, but I have much more to write about, so stay tuned, and watch this space for more fun in Thailand with kids!

What Have You Discovered in Thailand for Families?

Thai cooking class knives — Chiang Mai with kids

We have shared just some of the family-friendly Thailand activities we know about, but there is much more to report. Also, we’d love to hear from you. Have you been to Thailand with kids? What did you discover in Thailand for families?Let us know in the comments, or contact me directly!

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