What to Do in Yokohama – Things to Do at Yokohama Bay Area

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Not enough people are looking for what to do in Yokohama. Lots of people visit Tokyo without realizing that there are so many fun things to do at Yokohama Bay and nearby! Here you’ll find both well-known Yokohama attractions and more. We highly recommend making a day trip to Yokohama from Tokyo or even staying a few days. There’s plenty to do, as you soon see.

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Things to Do at Yokohama Bay & Beyond

For years many considered Yokohama to basically be a suburb of Tokyo. Much has changed. Yokohama has now surpassed Osaka as the second-most populous city in Japan. Yet if you take a Yokohama day trip to the vibrant bayside streets, it’s easy to see that the city has a vibe all its own. In fact, there are enough things to do at Yokohama downtown that we recommend staying a few days if time permits. Here are the best things to do in Yokohama for kids, for couples, for foodies and culture vultures, and other unique Yokohama attractions.

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Table of Contents

Where is Yokohama?

Hugging southwestern edge of Tokyo Bay, Yokohama is approximately 37 km/23 miles south of the capital. There are lots of transportation options for a Yokohama day trip. Most trains take around an hour to go from Tokyo to the Yokohama Bay area where most of my recommendations are. If you have a JR Rail Pass, you can use it to reach Yokohama on several train lines. Or if you prefer to buy a ticket for the Shinkansen (bullet train), then Yokohama is less than 20 minutes away as it’s only two stops from Tokyo Station.

Why Visit Yokohama?

things to do at yokohama attractions

Yokohama Japan has much of the culture and urban sophistication of Tokyo, but with much more open space. The sidewalks are broader and the skies seem wider. There are some great museums and amusement parks here, but one of my favorite things to do at Yokohama Bay is just to walk around. You have the mix of modern skyscrapers and boats at the port with a sea breeze. It reminds me of the Odaiba area in Tokyo. Sure, a lot of the coolest-looking buildings are basically shopping centers, but there is much more substance between the commerce. In addition, the sea and wide-open spaces make for one great day (or two or three) out.

Yokohama is also the heart of Japan’s jazz scene, with live shows nightly. Between performances and the bar and dining scene, there are always great things to do in Yokohama at night. Then there’s Yokohama’s Chinatown. This is the largest and arguably most resplendent Chinese community in the country. One of the best things to do at Yokohama day trip outings is to take in some people-watching and authentic Chinese cuisine there.

Sports are another big reason to visit Yokohama. The final FIFA World Cup match happened here at Yokohama’s Nissan Stadium in 2002. The winner of the 2019 Rugby World Cup will be decided there as well. Then in 2020, athletes from around the globe will compete here for Olympic medals in baseball, soccer and more. These are just a few of the things to do at Yokohama’s many venues. But I’m only getting started. There are dozens of other reasons why Yokohama attractions should be part of any Japan travel itinerary.

Yokohama Parks, Rides & Open Spaces

things to do at yokohama bay parks

As mentioned earlier, one of the nicest aspects of Yokohama travel is you get all the city life of Tokyo but with more room to breathe. There are some great parks in Yokohama, as well as other places to run and play. These could be part of a Yokohama day trip or part of a larger journey. 

Yokohama Stadium & Park

Yokohama Stadium is a great place for a concert or sporting event. It’s the home of the city’s celebrated baseball team, the Yokohama Bay Stars. Baseball games in Japan are always fun, and the Yokohama Bay Star stadium is a great place to see one. The stadium is surrounded by a small park and only a few blocks from Yokohama Bay. Great reasons why it’s exactly what to do in Yokohama during the warmer months of the year.

Buy Yokohama Bay Stars Tickets at Yokohama Stadium

Cosmo World

This amusement park is fun for a laugh whether you’re in Yokohama with kids or not. There are roller coasters, a lovely carousel, and other rides. The centerpiece is the Yokohama Ferris wheel, which is over 100 meters high and one of the tallest in the world. It lights up spectacularly after dusk, dominating the skyline. In fact, you can see it across the entire Yokohama Bay region and it gives the area directly underneath a warm, colorful glow.

Yamashita Park

This long strip of green sits next t the water and is a great place for a picnic or lazy stroll. The lawns are clean and well managed so feel free to take a load off in the shade or bring a picnic.

Osanbashi Pier

This well-designed port is where cruise ships arrive and depart. Yet it’s a Yokohama attraction in itself because of the asymmetrical wooden upper deck. It’s a great place to walk, take pictures and look back at the Yokohama skyline.

Zounohana Park

This little strip of grass and concrete isn’t much more than a breakwater for the Bay but has a nice event space and a great view of the skyline. One of the things to do at Yokohama Bay when the weather’s nice and you want to walk. 

Sankeien Garden

This traditional Japanese garden has been open to the public for over a hundred years. Beautifully manicured, Sankeien is especially stunning during the cherry blossom season. Yet like the best Japanese gardens, there are stunning displays in the summer, fall and winter as well. It’s a little removed from the cluster of Yokohama attractions near Minato Mirai. Best reached by bus from Chinatown, but worth the ride and has a good amount of English signage.

Sankeien Garden and Culture Tour in Yokohama

Negishi Forest Park

This huge green space was once a horse track, and its equestrian roots are still visible today. After all, Japan’s horse museum is here, and it’s still a place where horses are ridden and boarded. Negeshi Forest Park is a little removed from the main attractions in Yokohama. But for anyone interested in racing or horses, it’s definitely one of the great things to do in Yokohama. Also a great place for cherry blossoms in the spring.

Museums in Yokohama

what to do in Yokohama museums

Far from being an uncultured suburb, Yokohama is home to many impressive museums and educational spaces. Here you’ll find repositories for art, crafts, history and more. Even noodles! Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean. 

The Yokohama Museum of Art

An impressive building on its own, the Yokohama Museum of Art is what to do in Yokohama if you enjoy creative expression. I’ve seen works here by contemporary art legends like Takashi Murakami, Cai Guo Qiang, and Lee Ufan. They also showcase exhibits from Western legends like Monet and Max Ernst, as well as traveling collections from the Louvre, the Tate London, and others. The Yokohama Museum of Art is also at the center of the Yokohama Triennale every three years (the next one is in 2020). A fantastic place to go in Yokohama with kids, or anyone interested in art.

Hara Model Railway Museum

This Yokohama attraction is fun for model train enthusiasts. Yet many other visitors (like me) who didn’t grow up with model trains will also find it fascinating. The museum displays thousands of train cars, starting with the founder’s own collection. His attention to detail is astounding. If you’re in Yokohama with kids under 10, then you’ll be happy to know that several other places to go in Yokohama with kids (Puchu Play Center, the Anpanman Museum, etc) are a short walk away.

Nippon Maru Sailing Ship

Permanently moored in the harbor, this four-mast ship logged nearly 2 million kilometers on the high seas. Now it sits fixed in the water with Yokohama’s modern skyline behind it. Inside you’ll find info about Japan’s maritime past. An iconic Yokohama attraction, and a great place for pictures next to Yokohama Bay. 

Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum

And now for something completely different. You’re probably familiar with cup noodles. These miraculous (and nutritionally dubious) buckets of squiggly flavor are popular globally. Well, the Nissin Cup Noodle Museum honors their inventor while giving you the opportunity to make your own flavor of cup noodles. You can decorate your own cup. After that, you choose from dozens of ingredients to make your one-of-a-kind snack. Many people enter the Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum as a joke. Yet they leave saying it was one the most surprisingly fun things to do at Yokohama Bay they stumbled into.

Yokohama Doll Museum

Here you’ll see dolls from around the world, but with an emphasis on Japanese dolls and doll-making traditions. This isn’t for everyone. That said, if you like this sort of thing then it ill be one of the best things to do at the Yokohama waterfront.

Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum

The name sounds drab, but this is one of the best things to do in Yokohama for anyone interested in science, technology, and mechanics. The exhibits are divided into sections like Land, Sea, Sky, and Space. There you’ll see where Mitsubishi played a role in innovation. For example, in the “Sea” section there are some of the deep-water submersibles Mitsubishi helped design. In the “Sky” section, you’ll find a flight simulator. A great place if you’re in Yokohama with kids interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) subjects.

Kirin Beer Factory Tour

Okay okay, I know what you’re thinking. Sure, this will make the list of fun places to go in Yokohama for you, but why list it under Yokohama museums? Well for one, brewery tours like this can be quite educational. There is the history of the company along with the chemistry of the brewing. Then the actual mechanics of seeing the industrial equipment at work. But yeah, I’m also in it for the free beer at the end, too. The tour itself is free as well, and they’re used to catering to non-Japanese speakers. Kids and non-drinkers are also welcome and will be given non-alcoholic drinks like juice and sodas.

Japanese Overseas Migration Museum

Are you or your loved ones of Japanese descent? Visiting Yokohama with kids whose ancestors came from Japan? If so, then this may be one of the most interesting things to do in Yokohama. This little museum relays the little known story of Japanese emigres to the Americas, including Hawaii, the West Coast, Peru and much more.

Hikawa Maru Floating Museum

For anyone interested in massive machines or the Titanic era of luxury travel, then this is what to do in Yokohama. This hulking mass of steel was top of the ocean liner fleet in the 1920s. The exhibits inside still contain much of the original furnishings and machinery. Charlie Chaplain rode this ship, and if you’d like to see what a luxury liner looked like in those days, then put this on your things to do in Yokohama. It’s anchored right off of Yamashita Park, so it’s hard to miss.

Shinyokohama Raumen Museum

Don’t get this place mixed up with the Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum mentioned earlier. The Shinyokohama Raumen Museum is all about the finer noodle soup dishes found in Japan. Not the instant kind. It’s less of a museum and more of a small ramen-based theme park. Step down into the “town” where various ramen styles have their own space. The entire place looks like a movie set from ’50s Japan. For some people, it’s merely a stylized (and overpriced) food court. For others, it’s culinary nirvana with a one-of-a-kind ambiance. Just keep in mind that there are lines for the most popular ramen bowls are can be long and you’re not supposed to share.

Cool Buildings, Promenades & Shopping in Yokohama

things to do in Yokohama day trip shopping

The Minatomirai area of Yokohama is a great place to walk if you love architecture. Impressive structures dominate the skyline, while not far away refurbishing projects transform old factories and warehouses in the hip new lifestyle centers.  There is much to see in Yokohama, as well as much to eat and shop for. Here are a few Yokohama attractions we suggest. 

Landmark Tower & Sky Garden

This is the tallest building in Yokohama and looks like something Godzilla would smash. Inside you’ll find countless shops and restaurants, but the real draw here is for Sky Garden. That’s the observation deck at the top and it’s truly stunning, especially at night. Many consider the view here as one of the best things to do at Yokohama on a clear day.

Mark IS Minatomirai

This centrally located shopping center has lots of high-end food and clothing shops. There are also several activities ideal for when you’re in Yokohama with kids. There are several places where kids can run around, such as the play center in the Børnelund Toy Shop.

Queen’s Square Yokohama

This sleek modern mall has multiple floors and plenty of eateries, most notably the Hard Rock Café. Just outside is a small amphitheater where buskers and other street performers do their thing.

Red Brick Warehouse

This refurbished warehouse has the whole shabby-chic thing going for it along with plenty of good restaurants. The shops have gradually turned more towards tourists over the years. It’s still a fun place with events happening all the time such as performances and local festivals. An ice rink sets up here in winter and there’s beach volleyball or other summery-type activities in the warmest months.

Yokohama World Porters

This shopping center is between Cosmo World and the Red Brick Warehouse, next to the Cup Noodle Museum. Inside, the food court is Hawaiian themed. Another place of note here is Hamley’s Toy Store, which has a play area.

Marine & Walk

Developed years after Red Brick Warehouse, this shopping and walking district is quieter than its hip predecessor. Trendy stores and bayside restaurants. 

Department Stores Outside Yokohama Station

Last time I checked there were at least eight department stores close to Yokohama Station, including Takashimaya and OIOI. If you’re in need of some shopping (or window shopping) time on your way in or out of Yokohama, you should find what you need here. 

Yokohama Bashi Shotengai

Looking for something more authentic and less touristy? Then this shotengai (traditional covered shopping street) is what to do in Yokohama. It’s not walking distance to Yokohama Bay and actually takes 15+ minutes from the stadium by train. But it has a much more local feel and cheaper prices at its many restaurants. Another a great thing to do in Yokohama on a rainy day, as it’s sheltered. 

Classes & Lessons in Yokohama

Travel is a form of education, but there are a few specific things to do in Yokohama that are possibly more enlightening than others. If you’re looking to learn a bit more about Japanese culture, then these things to do at Yokohama Bay might be of interest. 

Sample Karate Lesson

If you’re a student of martial arts or just want to try it, a karate class can be a fun thing to do in Yokohama. The class introduces the Japanese concept of budo, or “warrior spirit,” while also teaching you self-defense techniques honed over centuries.

Book a Karate Trial Class in Yokohama

Cooking Classes in Yokohama

We always say that food is one of the best ways to learn about a culture. With this in mind, consider a cooking class as a great activity in Yokohama. In one class you learn simple techniques to make basic Japanese home cooking. In the other class, you’ll make seven types of sushi.

Learn Japanese Cooking Basics in Yokohama

Make Sushi in Yokohama with an English-Speaking Instructor

Things to Do in Yokohama at Night

things to do in Yokohama at night

If the weather’s nice, then basically all my recommended things to do at Tokyo Bay are just as great at night…if not better. The reason is that the Yokohama Bay area is full of lights. From street lamps and neon signs to the kaleidoscopic Yokohama Ferris wheel, the Bay pulses like a beacon into the universe.

When the weather is cold or wet, I prefer to stay away from the bayside as winds can make it quite cold. However, some specific things to do in Yokohama at night (for adults) would be to hit some jazz bars or head to the Manyo Onsen for a soak. The views of Cosmo and the Yokohama skyline from here are quite nice.

Yokohama at Night: An Izakaya Tour with Yokohama Night Views

Helicopter Night Flight Over Yokohama

More Fun Things to Do in Yokohama

So there are a few more interesting things to do in Yokohama that don’t exactly fit into the above categories. Whether it’s wearing a kimono or reeling in dinner, here are a few more cool Yokohama activities worth considering.

Kimono Rental & Photo Session

I know a lot of people who travel to Japan want to try on a kimono, a yukata, or other traditional Japanese clothing. This may be for photos (Instagram, anyone?) or it could be just to see how it looks and feels on you. One of the best things to do at Yokohama Bay area for anyone interested in style and period clothing. 

Fishing in Yokohama

The fish is pretty damn fresh in Japan, but if you want it straight out of the ocean, then maybe a Yokohama fishing trip is in order After you reel in the day’s catch it later becomes your dinner. How fresh is that? One of the best things to do in Yokohama for the sportsmen out there. 

Book a Fishing in Yokohama Tour.

Cruise Yokohama Bay

Some of the best views of the Yokohama skyline are from the water, but it can be fun just to leave land for a little while and get a real feel for what a port city is all about. Many Yokohama cruises come with a meal, as well. 

Yokohama Cruise & Meal from Yokohama Intl Passenger Terminal

Book a Yokohama Bay Cruise with Chinese Buffet

Yokohama With Kids

things to do in Yokohama with kids

To be honest, we take our kids everywhere and would recommend most of the Yokohama attractions I’ve listed as fun with kids as well. On the other hand, I know that not every child would get into the same museums and activities as other kids or adults. With this in mind, I think some of the best things to do in Yokohama are even better with kids. These include the Cup Noodles Museum, the Model Railway Museum, and all the shopping centers listed. They’re all indoors and have space to run and play inside or nearby. Of course, the parks, amusement centers, and sports stadiums are a hit with most young ones as well.

What to Do in Yokohama with Kids Under 10

Looking for specific places to visit in Yokohama with kids who are quite young? Then I’d point out a few play centers around the area. Puchu is an indoor play center near Yokohama Station. The Yokohama Pokemon Center is a 10-minute walk from there. Not far from these is the Anpanman Museum. If you’re not familiar, Anpanman is a superhero figure for the preschool set. He and his superfriends all represent various foods and are as cute as they are ridiculous.

You’ll also find several play areas in the Mark IS Mall, one of the largest being inside the Børnelund Shop. Over in the Yokohama World Porters Center near the Cup Noodles Museum, you’ll find a branch of Hanley’s Toy Store. It also has a playroom. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the Japanese convenience store chain Lawson has a unique branch next to Yamashita Park. There is a play center inside the “Happy Lawson.” There is also a wider variety of child and baby goods, as well as seating for tired parents.

Venue Links: Yokohama with Kids

Kodomo no Kuni

This massive park (240 acres) is one of the best things to do at Yokohama with kids. Best in the summer, there are fun things to do at Kodomo no Kuni year-round. Expect cool and creative playgrounds, obstacle courses, boat rides, farm animals, and more. Also places for families to camp or hold a barbecue. It’s far from the other Yokohama attractions mentioned in this post (approx. 45-60 minutes from downtown). That said, it’s worth it if you’re in Yokohama with kids and want to go to one place where they’ll enjoy themselves all day. This is what to do with kids 12 and under I’d say. Not if you’re in Yokohama with teens.

What to Do in Yokohama with Teens & Tweens

As mentioned above, we’d recommend most of these Yokohama attractions to anyone traveling with teens. But to be honest, recommending what to do in Yokohama with teens — ALL teens — is impossible. Teen interests vary wildly — even within one family. For example, my 13-year-old could spend most of the day with me absorbing the Yokohama Museum of Art’s permanent collection. Her brother would be ready to leave within 15 minutes. In contrast, I could get season tickets for the Yokohama Baystars (baseball) or the Yokohama F. Marinos (Soccer) and the boy would go to every game. The girl? I’d have to drag her the entire way. In other words, I’m just guessing what the best things to do at Yokohama would be for your teen. Yet with that in mind, a few that stand out would be the following.

Top Spots in Yokohama for Teens

  • Sky Garden: Tallest point in Yokohama. Great views. Perfect if in Yokohama with kids who like heights!
  • Cosmo World: Ideal if you’re in Yokohama with kids who want rollercoasters and other thrills.
  • Yokohama Stadium and Nissan Stadium: Here’s where the local baseball and soccer teams compete. You’ll find concerts here too.
  • Chinatown Yokohama: Fun area for food, people-watching, and wandering down small alleys to see where they lead.
  • Yokohama Museum of Art: Depending on the exhibit, it can be an enriching day out. They get cutting-edge artists, as well as classics.
  • Nissan Gallery: A showroom at Nissan’s Global Headquarters. Great for gear-heads or any kids into cars.
  • Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum: Perfect place for kids into mechanics or STEM subjects. This is the kind of work they might want to do in the future.
  • Japanese Overseas Migration Museum: What to do in Yokohama with teens who have Japanese ancestry. Great for conversations about heritage and identity.
  • Shopping at the malls: I think Mark IS is a solid choice, while the Red Brick Warehouse and Marine & Walk might be a bit hipper.

Yokohama Tours & Tickets

Nearly all the things to do in Yokohama recommended here can be done on your own. With a little time and planning, it’s entirely possible to navigate the trains, maps, and ticket booths and see all your favorite Yokohama attractions independently. If not and you want to save time or have the insight of a local guide, then here are a few suggestions.

Yokohama Enjoy Pass

Plan to see more than a few Yokohama attractions? Then you might want to consider one of two Yokohama Enjoy Pass options. These give you access to several famous places to visit in Yokohama. The one-day pass is only valuable if you know which of the sponsored activities you want to do and have a full day to do them. The two-day pass is a much better deal, as it also includes things to do in Kamakura as well. 

Book Yokohama Enjoy 1-Day Passes

Reserve Your 2-Day Yokohama/Kamakura Enjoy Pass Now

Day Trips / Tours from Tokyo

If you’re staying in Tokyo but want to take a day trip to Yokohama, it’s completely possible. There are loads of train options from Tokyo to Yokohama, making it an excellent day trip option. You can easily do it on your own with the info in this post, or book a day tour to Yokohama with a reputable company.

The Yokohama Ramen Tour: Two Museums, Three Ramen Dishes, 1 Ticket

Full-Day Private Driver

Tours in Yokohama

Staying in Yokohama? Or prefer to take the train to Yokohama on your own? There are many Yokohama tours that start in the city. Most Yokohama attractions are easy to access on your own. But if you want an organized tour and the insight of a professional then you can book a tour here.

Famous Yokohama Attractions in One Tour (from Yokohama Station)

Private Yokohama Tour with Local Guide

What to Do in Yokohama on a Rainy Day

Yokohama weather is good, but like anywhere in Japan, there are rainy days, as well. If you’re looking for what to do in Yokohama on a rainy day, then here are our suggestions:

Manyo Club

We love a good onsen (hot springs) on a cold wet day. If you visit Yokohama in cold or inclement weather, this can be a great place to relax and warm up. You can also stay here overnight or book a table for dinner, but it’s also possible to visit just for the baths. Just keep in mind that there are certain rules to follow in Japanese onsens. Also, unfortunately, at the time of writing, they still do not accept people with tattoos. It sucks but is pretty common around Japan.

This is not a full-on traditional Japanese onsen like you’d find in Kyoto, Hakone, Nara, or other places in Japan. After all, it’s smack dab in the middle of the Yokohama tourism area. It’s built for that, so you might smell chlorine, like at a pool. But for what it is and where it is, it can be an interesting place to visit in Yokohama. There’s a free shuttle from Yokohama Station as well. I consider it one of the best things to do at Yokohama Bay if you won’t have a chance to check out more traditional onsens. If you have plans for hot springs in Hakone or elsewhere, however, you could give this a pass. 

Museum & Shopping Clusters

Some of the best museums in Yokohama are near each other, or near large shopping centers. For example, the Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum is next to the Yokohama Museum of Art. A few paces away on the other side of the museum is the Mark IS Shopping center. Not far away is the Landmark Tower and its observation deck (Sky Garden). Just keep in mind that visibility is limited during bad weather.

Another cluster I’d mention for a rainy day in Yokohama is around the Yokohama Cup Noodles Museum. You also have the World Porters shopping center and the Japanese Overseas Migration Museum a short walk away. The only problem with this plan is that it’s a decent walk from a train station to reach them all. Therefore, if it’s already storming, take a taxi or choose another option.

Are you in Yokohama with kids 7 and younger? If so then there’s another cluster of places worth visiting near Yokohama station. The Puchu! Play Center and the Pokemon Center are on opposite sides of the road (be careful: the Pokemon Center is hard to find). A few minutes away (partially covered) is the Railway Museum. And if you can brave the rain a few minutes, the Nissan Gallery and Anpanman Museum are just a few more minutes on foot to the east.

Animal Attractions in Yokohama

If you’ve been researching things to do at Yokohama Bay, then you may notice that a few popular Yokohama attractions are missing. For example, Hakkejima Sea Paradise is a well-known amusement park, and Zoorasia is a large and sophisticated animal park. There is also Orbi Yokohama, an animal-themed venue in a mall. I’m not endorsing these because I cannot vouch for the treatment of the animals there. For instance, I know Hakkejima Sea Paradise has dolphin and Beluga whale performances. We try not to endorse such places. The same goes for all the animal cafes you hear about. Cat cafes? Maybe those are alright, but hedgehogs? Or owls? I don’t know how good that is for them. 

I went to Zoorasia once a long time ago. My daughter did a little child modeling back then and there was a shoot there. What little I saw of Zoorasia then looked pretty good. That said, I don’t know enough about the treatment of the tigers, elephants and other animals there. Over the years I’ve begun to view zoos with more skepticism and rarely endorse them as kids’ activities. But that’s a personal decision and I certainly don’t know all the facts. What I do know is that most zoos and animal attractions I’ve seen in Asia are not places I want to support. Japan included.

Getting to Yokohama

getting to Yokohama - things to do at Yokohama

Getting from Tokyo to Yokohama by train is fairly quick and easy. In fact, there are many Tokyo to Yokohama train options worth mentioning here. Several lines leave from Tokyo Station or Shinagawa Station. They all arrive at Yokohama Station or Shin Yokohama Station in 30 minutes to an hour depending on if it’s an express or local train.

Tokyo to Yokohama Train Lines:

  • Yokosuka Line 
  • Tokaido Line
  • Keihin Tohoku Line
  • Yes, your JR Rail pass covers these trains.

Shinkansen to Yokohama

Another option is going from Tokyo to Yokohama by Shinkansen (Bullet Train). The Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen goes from Tokyo to Yokohama (Shin Yokohama Station) in 18 minutes. But it is not covered by the JR Pass. If you want to take a Shinkansen to Yokohama, check the following links.

Book a Yokohama Shinkansen Ticket Here

Tokyo–Yokohama Shinkansen Bullet Train Tickets

Shinagawa–Yokohama Shinkansen Bullet Train Tickets

Book Yokohama–Kyoto Shinkansen Bullet Train Tickets

Yokohama–Osaka Shinkansen Bullet Train Tickets

Yokohama–Hiroshima Shinkansen Bullet Train Tickets

From Tokyo to Yokohama

Below I will explain how to get to the two main hubs of train transport in the area: Yokohama Station and Shin-Yokohama Station. FYI “shin” means “new.” However, most of the best things to do in Yokohama are near the water and will require local trains once in the city. I’ll explain how to do that as well.

Directions From Tokyo to Yokohama

There are many ways to get from Tokyo to Yokohama, but the easiest way to remember to take one of these three lines:

  • Tokaido Line
  • Keihin Tohoku Line
  • Yokosuka

All make stops at Tokyo Station, Yokohama Station and Shinagawa Station on their way to Yokohama.

From Tokyo to Yokohama via Shinkansen

Take the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen from Tokyo Station (18 minutes) or Shinagawa Station (11 minutes)

From Yokohama Station/Shin-Yokohama Station into Town

Once you arrive in Yokohama or Shin Yokohama Stations, you still have another local train ride. To reach most of the Yokohama attractions in this post, you’ll need to take local Yokohama train lines. If you arrive via Shin Yokohama Station it will take another 20-30 minutes to reach Minato Mirai. That’s where much of the shopping and museums begin. The train to Chinatown takes a few minutes more.

Yokohama Station into Town

From Yokohama Station, it takes about five minutes to Minato Mirai and 15 minutes to Chinatown.

  • Yokohama Station to Minato Mirai: Take the Minatomirai Line (Dark Blue) two stops to Minatomirai Station.
  • Yokohama Station to Chinatown: Take the Minatomirai Line (Dark blue) five stops to Moto-Chūkagai Station and follow the signs to Chinatown.

Shin-Yokohama Station into Town

  • Shin-Yokohama Station to Minato Mirai: Take the Yokohama Line (Green) one station to Kikuna Station and transfer to the Tokyu-Toyoko Line (Red). Take it or the Minato Mirai Line (Dark Blue) to Minato Mirai Station.
  • Shin-Yokohama Station to Chinatown: Take the Yokohama Line (Green) one station to Kikuna Station and transfer to the Tokyu-Toyoko Line (Red). Take the Tokyu Toyoko Line to Motomachi-Chūkagai Station and follow the signs to Chinatown.

Buses and Airport Transportation to/from Yokohama

Narita Airport Limousine Bus Ticket for Tokyo

Limousine Bus from/to Narita & Haneda International Airport (Free Wifi)

Private Narita Transfer Service to/from Yokohama City

Full-Day Private Driver from Narita or Haneda

Getting Around Yokohama

Once you arrive in the Yokohama Bay or Chinatown areas, the best way of getting around is walking. Yokohama is extremely walkable and pedestrian-friendly. If you get tired, there will always be a taxi or subway station not too far away.

Do You Know What to Do in Yokohama?

There are always more Yokohama attractions to add to our list. Have you taken a Yokohama day trip? Were you in Yokohama with kids or on your own? Can you recommend some fun things to do at Yokohama Bay or elsewhere? What would your ideal Yokohama day trip look like? Let us know!

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