15 Great Things to Do in Asturias with Kids – Spain Road Trip

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Despite the many things to do in Asturias, this region of northern Spain is often overshadowed by its neighbors Galicia and the Basque Country. However, during our road trip through northern Spain, we discovered many awesome things to do in Asturias with kids. In fact, we spent the longest period of our trip in the Asturias region: one full week out of a month-long trip.

Things to Do in Asturias 

There was something about the Asturias region that made me feel like it was our kind of place, and I was right. We really loved spending time in the Asturias with kids, and plan to go back. The food is great, the nature was unspoiled, and the locals were warm and approachable.

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Before we arrived, the only things to do in Asturias that I had in my mind was to drink cider and hike the Picos de Europe. That was it. Once we met our hosts at an Asturian youth hostel, however, we just went wherever they pointed us and had a great time.

Our list of things to do in Asturias were mainly outdoor activities, such as hiking and swimming in the rivers. Fortunately, we’ve stayed at places where hosts are willing to share their local expertise on things to do in Asturias with kids. That helped narrow down our list a lot.

Bufones de Pría

Northern Spain has some pretty incredible coastline: rugged cliffs and majestic bluffs that jut out into the sea (don’t forget Cathedral Beach, either).

Bufones de Pría has many of these traits, with the addition of several holes that run underground into the sea below. At high tide, massive waves crash against the cliff face, forcing water through the holes to erupt in a column of sea spray. It’s like a cold, saltwater geyser.

At low tide, no water soars to the heavens, but the nearby beach (Playa de Guadamia) becomes an ideal place to hang for an hour or even for an entire afternoon. The beach is so flat that the water is shallow for a surprisingly long distance. Just be aware that the beach will disappear during high tide.

Places for Wild Swimming in Spain and Other Water Fun

We saw families picnicking here, and we kinda wished we’d planned to do that, too. There are several restaurants near the beach as well, but signs up front make it clear that they are not a cafe to wait in until high tide. If you’re going to stay there a while, plan to eat there, too.


This small fishing village is perched on a cliff overlooking the Bay of Biscay. On the other side of the water? Ireland. Somewhere. Expect lots of steps and steep inclines in this charming town. The staff at the tourist information office were very helpful and located right in the center of town.

Xurbeo Waterfall & Casa Matilde

There wasn’t time to go out on a big excursion on the afternoon we arrived in Asturias. Instead, Dulce from Albergue Juvenil Bustiello suggested a 10-minute drive southeast where we could have a short hike to a waterfall. The trail is part of the Ruta via de la Plata. It’s steep for the first half kilometer but a well-maintained path, but after that, you will be rewarded with a beautiful cascade.

Spain Road Trip: Where to stay in Asturias — Albergue Juvenil Bustiello waterfall vert

Dulce and her husband Pruden gave us directions and also suggested dinner at Casa Matilde, a quirky little local place in the town near the trailhead.

After consulting with the owner and a friendly guy at the next table — the menu was in Asturian (!) — we had a salad, Calamares a la Romana (breaded & fried squid). We also ordered the house specialty: liver and onions. An excellent meal and it was good. If not for Dulce and Pruden, we would have probably never found this place.

Ruta de las Xanas & Casa Generosa

The following day, we followed their recommendations for hiking the Ruta de las Xanas. They recommended eating at Casa Generosa, an excellent Asturian restaurant in a village near the trail, and even called ahead for us to reserve a spot. Another amazing day, thanks to Dulce and Pruden (lots more pics and details about that hike/meal here).

Spain road trip. Asturias with Kids: Hiking and eating on the Ruta de las Xanas

Spain road trip. Asturias with Kids: Hiking and eating on the Ruta de las Xanas

Ruta de Alba

This is another recommendation from Dulce and Pruden. Another beautiful trail where we hiked and swam in the nearby river.

Lakes of Covadonga

It was overcast when we went up in the area. In fact, at one point we were quite literally walking in the clouds. More on this place here.


Indoor Activities with Kids: Museums in Asturias

The Museum of Mining and Industry

People have been pulling gold, iron, and coal out of Asturian soil since ancient Roman times. The museum has a historical exhibit and is actually really interesting and well put together. More on this place here.

Spain Road Trip: More things to do in Asturias with kids dinosaur jurassic museum inside

The Jurassic Museum of Asturias

Calling all aspiring paleontologists. This is a highly-rated museum with a very interesting collection of bones, preserved footprints, life-size scale models and more fun stuff like preserved eggs and coprolites (fossilized dino poo). More on the museum here.


Llastres, a charming Fishing Village

We have an interesting story about this place. It’s also a good example of why you shouldn’t always look at online reviews. Once again, our family was trapped with the double affliction of hunger and bad timing.

Llastres is a charming fishing village, so of course, we want to eat seafood, right? Well, it was almost three in the afternoon, and so all the fish restaurants were closed. That’s what the nice lady at the tourism office said, anyway, and she directed us towards a pizzeria.

El Méson de las Pescadores

We decided to drive to the next town and look for somewhere else, but I could tell that the kids needed to eat — and soon. As we were passing a place called El Méson de las Pescadores, we saw it open. We parked, entered, and ended up having a fantastic meal and all around experience.

Our waiter, Manuel, had no other customers and seemed thrilled at the opportunity to practice his English. He explained the menu, his preferences and we followed his suggestions. We ordered the beef chuleta (chop) and a sea bass.

Manuel, a happy waiter

After our drinks arrived, Manuel comes back with something to snack on: Paté de Cabracho (Red Scorpion Fish Cake), which I greedily spread on crusty bread and washed down with local hard cider. “On the house,” Manuel says.

Speaking of cider, have you seen how cider is poured in Asturias? It’s a little messy and the floor gets a bit wet, but each pour is a mini spectacle. The point is to add a bubbly texture to the drink. This requires gravity and a little splatter (notice the bucket). In addition to all of this, the most interesting aspect is that you’re not supposed to look at the bottle or the glass. You always look forward.

Everything Manuel recommended was excellent. The fish was seasoned perfectly and the steak was the size of an encyclopedia. Later that evening, we found a similarly-named restaurant with an atrocious rating. I’m still not sure if that’s the place or what. Look for yourself: the images and address are not the same places. If I had seen that, we probably would have just kept driving.

Gascona & Tierra Astur

That night, we followed Dulce and Pruden’s directions to Gascona, a lively area in the city of Oviedo. Gascona is full of sidrerías (tapas bars serving local hard cider). Dulce and Pruden recommended that we eat at Tierra Astur, an Asturian-style sidreria. They even told us the best place to park (there’s a carpark at the corner of Calle Gascona and Calle Víctor Chávarri), right next to the restaurant.


Budget: Albergue Juvenil Bustiello

This is a simple youth hostel, but it isn’t an ordinary your hostel. One of the reasons we fell in love Asturias and found so many things to do in Asturias is because of this place and the owners Dulce and Pruden.
Read our full review on Albergue Juvenil Bustiello for details.

More upscale: La Pontiga Apartments

Where Albergue Juvenil Bustiello was a simple, cheerful youth hostel, the move to La Pontiga boutique apartments felt like a luxurious leap. Read our full review on La Pontiga Apartments.


Fill us in. If it hasn’t become clear, we totally loved spending time in Asturias with kids and plan to return. Where should we eat? What should we do?

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  1. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with Asturias when traveling there. During our one month in Cantabria, we visited so much in Asturias but it didn’t feel like we got enough. Looking through your photos makes me feel so nostalgic and I can’t wait to return later this year!

  2. HI where is the beach by los bufones- where you say The beach is so flat that the water is shallow for a surprisingly long distance.