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Looking for things to do in Ubud with kids or on your own? Or perhaps searching for Ubud tours or creative classes for you and your travel buddies? There are so many great things to do in Ubud Bali. In fact, you’d have to stay for months to do them all. We love exploring Indonesia, and Ubud is easily one of the highlights. Read on for tips on finding the best Ubud tours and other Ubud attractions.

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Things to Do in Ubud with Kids (or Without)

Whether you come to Bali with kids, with friends or on your own, you may never want to leave. We think this is especially true when visiting Bali with children, but the appeal of this amazing Indonesian island affects more than family travelers. There are heaps of fun things to do in Ubud, the island’s cultural capital. The town is safe, fairly simple to navigate, and culturally fascinating. Ubud tours, classes, and other activities are inexpensive and fun, and the city has a wide variety of great places to eat, relax and play.

The mystique surrounding Bali travel may have lost some of its original luster in the last decade or so. The tourism industry continues gobbling up much of what made the place so special to so many. That said, we still recommend Bali for families and anyone else and believe that visiting Ubud with kids is a fantastic experience. The food is fresh and healthy, the opportunities for formal and informal learning through Bali tours and classes are vast, and the Balinese culture is like no other on earth. Read below for our guide to the best things to do in Ubud Bali.

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Why Visit Ubud?

The Indonesian island of Bali means different things to different people. To some, it means the beaches and bars. To others, it means temples and rice fields. For us and many others, Bali means exploring Ubud, the island’s inland cultural heart. Ubud attractions involve art, food, and nature. Ubud tours can involve mountains or temples. The city is home to artisans of just about every medium, and the surrounding countryside is ripe with nature escapes. The city is easily accessible from the Denpasar Airport, and Ubud accommodation options range from the budget-backpacker type to luxury villas overlooking the jungle. There are so many great things to do in Ubud Bali no matter your age, and any Ubud itinerary will be full before you know it. If you want to fill your Ubud itinerary, that is. This is also a great town for relaxing and doing nothing, as well.

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Best Time to Visit Ubud & Ubud Bali Weather

Bali Flower - best time to visit ubud

You can visit Ubud just about any time, as Bali weather is warm year-round. The rainy season runs November to March, but it’s usually afternoon squalls that end abruptly for blue skies. We’ve been caught in squalls before and were soaked through, but we’ve traveled in Bali many times in the rainy season and would again. You can often find better deals on accommodation, but everything else stays about the same.

Timing and location can affect your experience in Ubud with kids. If you stick to the normal holiday calendar and stay only in city centers, then you could end up frustrated. My advice is to find places to stay outside Ubud. Depending on your budget and length of stay, get your own scooters or a driver and stay out of town near the rice fields of Ubud. Of course, many of the best things to do in Ubud are worth riding into town for. Our top things to do in Ubud with kids (or without) are listed below.

What to Do in Ubud Bali

From wood carving to whitewater rafting, Ubud tours, classes, and activities can keep you active and engaged for weeks on end. Here are a few of the best things to add to your Ubud itinerary.

Go For a Walk 

Ubud tours and ubud trekking

Whether it’s with a guide or just out on your own, walking, hiking and trekking are what to do in Ubud. The Campuhan Ridge is right in town and easy to do on your own, but you can get more out of the walk with an experienced guide. The ridge is wide and safe, so naturally, we recommend it as what to do in Ubud with kids. For further adventures, consider adding rice paddy walks to your Ubud itinerary. Ubud tours along the complex footpaths between the fields can add a lot of fun to an afternoon. We’ve taken guided Ubud tours that took us to places we probably wouldn’t have found on our own.

Book an Ubud Walking Tour

Take a Class — Ubud Activities

Ubud with kids

Ubud is a place to relax and a place to explore, but it’s also a great place to learn. One of the best things to do in Ubud Bali is to learn a new skill or hobby. In addition to the Ubud tours and independent activities we’ll recommend, there are also a lot of great Ubud classes to consider. Here are a few.

Pondok Pekak Library — What to Do in Ubud

When looking for things to do in Ubud with kids, the Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Centre is a good place to start. Here you’ll find books, language lessons, and reasonably priced classes to teach you a number of traditional skills. You can trade in your old book and pick up another, and that includes kids’ books. The number and variety of books available changes all the time, of course, so it’s best not to come looking for something specific.

Wood Carving Lessons — Things to do in Ubud

Ubud with kids wood carving class

There’s something so satisfying about taking a hard hunk of wood and slowly transforming it into a more elegant and recognizable shape. Of course, we like handling sharp objects, as well. Our Ubud wood carving class was more difficult than fruit carving in Chiang Mai, but perhaps that’s what made it so satisfying. Hence, it made our list of the best things to do in Ubud Bali.

Our instructor was excellent. He once represented Indonesia as a cultural ambassador all over the world and was great with the kids — warm and avuncular. He helped the kids along only when they were stuck. This meant that the kids really felt like they made entirely by themselves. This was far and away my favorite thing to do in Ubud.

Painting Lessons — What to do in Ubud

Ubud with kids painting lessons

We’ve taken painting classes at the Pondok Pekak Library and loved it. This is certainly one of the best things to do in Ubud with kids. Our kids were proud of the work we left with (all materials were provided) and we all liked the instructors, who were both professional and personable. One note I’d mention with the painting class is that if you are offered the option of traditional or modern painting, take the traditional Balinese painting class.

Silversmithing Class — Things to do in Ubud

things to do in Ubud with kids

Another great thing to do in Ubud Bali is making silver jewelry. We did it in Ubud with kids but it can be great for solo and couples travelers as well. Classes are offered in a number of places around Ubud, and the kids were thrilled with their results. Each made a necklace pendant by hand. They had some assistance, of course (blowtorches were involved), but both kids felt a real sense of accomplishment at the end and wore their work with pride.

Ceramics Workshops — What to Do in Ubud

things to do in ubud with kids

This is quite a popular thing to do in Ubud with kids and can be a nice way to meet other families. Every Saturday from 10:30 to noon, a Swiss expat named Susan holds classes in Ubud with kids at her studio, where they get to experience hand-building and throwing on the wheel. Sign up for the wheel throwing as soon as you get there as spots for this are limited. Classes are 100,000 Indonesia Rupiah and include all materials and a glass of hibiscus lemonade.

Ubud Cooking Classes — Things to Do in Ubud

Ubud cooking class

You know that we love our cooking classes. We’ve taken cooking classes in lots of places: from Vietnam to Mexico, from Thailand to Colombia.  And I’m sure we will happily take an Ubud cooking class next time we visit. There are many Ubud cooking classes on offer around town. Shop around. Ask around. Cooking classes are a great way to experience the local culture, and easily what to do in Ubud Bali.

Book an Ubud Cooking Class

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Experience Traditional Balinese Dance

Kecak dance - best things to do in Ubud Bali

One of the most fascinating cultural things to do in Ubud Bali is to watch a traditional Balinese dance. Whether you’re in Bali with kids or anyone else, these performances are what to do in Ubud. There are a number of performances you can see in the evenings around town. We’ve seen a few, and the ones that have stood out most to us were the Kecak (Fire) Dance, and visiting Ubud Palace for a Barong Dance.

Kecak Dance — Traditional Ubud Attractions

I first saw the Kecak dance on video in the amazing movie Baraka and had wanted to see it in person ever since. The dance starts a large group of men chanting hypnotically and ends with fire being put out with what seems like bare feet. It’s not a circus show though and could be creepy for little ones, but ours thought it was one of the most interesting things to do in Ubud. We’ve seen Kecak dances in a number of places — from scrappy buildings with folding chairs and holes in the ceiling to more polished venues. I preferred the scrappy building.

Barong Dance — Traditional Ubud Attractions

Barong Balinese dance - what to do in Ubud

The Barong dance performance at Puri Saren Palace feels more like a stage show for tourists — which is exactly what it is. However, the clothing, costumes, makeup, and lighting make it a spectacle that will leave your kids’ jaws agape.

Visit Some Art Museums

Ubud Museums - what to do in Ubud Bali

There are many opportunities to experience art in Ubud with kids, but three museums that we recommend you consider are the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA), the Don Antonio Blanco Museum, the Neka Museum, and Puri Lukisan.

The beautiful collections in these three locations are on equally beautiful grounds. Even if you or your kids don’t have a particular interest in art, these are great places to chill out for an hour or two. You can sometimes stumble onto a group of girls practicing traditional dances at ARMA, but expect to be asked for a donation if you linger to watch or take pictures.

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Enjoy a Balinese Massage

Ubud Massage & Balinese Massage - what to do in Ubud Bali

A traditional Balinese massage should be part of any Ubud itinerary. You can find massage services all over the island, but they can vary widely in style, price, and quality. They were usually cheap enough that we let the kids get a few massages as well — partly for the experience, and party so that I could eventually pay the kids to give ME massages after a long day hunched over the computer. I’m still working on that.

Book an Ubud Massage

Find Some Adventure 

Rafting in Bali

Some people simply want to relax on their Bali holiday, but for the adrenaline junkies out there, there are plenty of adventurous things to do in Ubud. Bali jungles are beautiful, and Ubud tours that get you into nature will provide more opportunities for memories in your Bali itinerary. 

Go Whitewater Rafting — Rafting Bali Tours

We love riding the rapids, and there are a number of great places to go whitewater rafting in Southeast Asia.

Book an Ubud Rafting Trip

Climb Mount Batur — Bali Hiking Tours

mount batur bali volcano - Ubud hiking & Bali trekking

Most Indonesian islands are punctuated by mountains and a volcano or two (or three or four…). For Bali, that’s Mount Batur. There are a number of ways to see it: from a distance, via a jeep tour or a sunrise Bali trekking tour. Choose your favorite, but remember that it’s a steep climb, so know your limits.

Book an Ubud Tour of Mt. Batur

Go for a Ride — Scooters and Ubud Bike Tours

The best way to see the area is on two wheels. Whether you choose a scooter or a bicycle, one of the best things to do in Ubud is set out on a ride with no agenda and just see what you discover. Get out of downtown Ubud and explore the roads and rice fields of the countryside that surround it. You can select one of the Ubud bike tours like those suggested below, but it’s just as easy to rent some bikes, pick up a map and just go.

Book an Ubud Bike Tour

Riding Scooters in Ubud

riding scooters in Bali with kids

Our favorite way of getting around Ubud with kids (or without) is by scooter, but I don’t recommend scooters to everyone. People drive differently in this part of the world. If you’re not ready for it, then it can be dangerous. I’m not saying to skip riding scooters in Bali, but I am urging you to understand the risks. Keiko and I have a lot of experience with motorcycles in Southeast Asia (we both learned to ride in Taiwan in the ‘90s). Also, keep in mind that some travel insurance companies will not reimburse you for medical expenses if you don’t have a motorcycle/scooter license in your home country.

Book a Scooter in Ubud

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Drink in Some Waterfalls — Adventuresome Bali Tours

waterfall tours in Ubud

One of my favorite Bali activities is seeking out waterfalls (in Lombok, too). There are quite a few beautiful ones near Ubud. If you don’t want to book any waterfall-specific Ubud tours then you can simply hire a driver or drive yourself there.

Take Some Pictures

Yes, apparently the whole “pics or it didn’t happen” is true. If you want the right shots of your Bali adventure, you can seek out the Instagram-worthy places on your own or hire a guide to get you there faster.

Best Ubud Temples & Historic Buildings

Tours to ubud temples

One of my favorite things to do in Ubud is to visit the local temples…hopefully witness a festival or ceremony if possible as well. These ancient buildings are fascinating, as are the people who frequent them. Lots of Bali day tours hit the main ones, but there are many. Here are a few of our favorites (that we know the names of).

Puri Saren Agung Ubud (aka Ubud Royal Palace)

Located downtown, this is one of the main Ubud attractions and should be on any Ubud itinerary. This is also home to nightly dance performances and where we saw the Barong Dance, which we recommend. A must-see Ubud attraction.

Goa Gajah (aka Elephant Cave Ubud)

ubud tours to ubud temples like Goa Gajah

If you’re riding rental scooters, then many Ubud temples and other further-flung Ubud attractions are accessible, including Elephant Cave (aka Goa Gajah). Six kilometers out of town, it’s easily reached if you’re staying in Ubud accommodation. The Ubud temples of Goa Gajah are only a short ride away. Or if you’ve hired a driver, it should take around 15 minutes to reach.

Gunung Kawi & Tirta Empul

ubud tours to ubud temples

If you’re willing to ride a little further, then go to the Ubud temples at Tirta Empul and Gunung Kawi, two Hindu holy sites that are very close to each other and well worth the half-hour ride. We took scooters, but a car ride would be even easier. At Gunung Kawi, lush vegetation surrounds 7-meter-high shrines carved into the cliff face, while at the water temple Tirta Empul, local Balinese use the fountains for purification.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

ubud tours to ubud temples Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Once you start heading as far as the lake where Pula Ulun Danu Bratan sits, then I suggest hiring a driver. This Balinese temple will probably take 90 minutes or more on a motorbike, and it wouldn’t be a pleasant ride, as most of it is along one clogged, two-lane street where many trucks are always trying to pass the car in front of them. Sure, a car ride in the high season could take two hours — maybe more — but at least you can nap in a car. We thought it was worth it. We caught a ceremony, and it wasn’t as crowded with tourists as we were expecting. Of course, we may have just struck good timing.

More Things to Do Near Ubud with Kids 

Ubud is usually our home base on Bali holidays. Places like Kuta are often too crowded and chaotic for our liking, and there is still much to the north and west of Bali that we still want to see. The beach resorts of Nusa Dua and Jimbaran to the south are very beautiful, as well. There is, however, one place in Kuta that I can recommend without reservation, and it’s Waterbom.


Waterbom - Best things to do in Ubud with kids

Waterbom is one of the best waterparks we have ever been to. Our kids love this place and we go every holiday in Bali. I’ve spent some time in dodgy amusement parks in my life, and this is not one of those places. It’s clean, well designed, well-staffed and seems to run efficiently. This isn’t a Balinese “cultural” experience, but it is easily one of the most enjoyable things to do in Bali with kids and should be part of your Bali itinerary.

It’s a full-day experience, too. Especially if you’re coming from as far away as Ubud like we always have. You can get more out of your day by staying overnight in a nearby Kuta hotel, but we’ve always preferred to hire a driver back and forth to Ubud instead. We just eat dinner at some restaurant near the park and then crash out in the car on the way back to Ubud.

I think you could spend two days in Waterbom easily, and the two-day pass is considerably cheaper. A private, shaded gazebo for up to 6 people is also an enticing option, which includes 6 towels and 6 bottles of water. We’ve never rented a gazebo, as we usually go full-on for one day and then leave, but I know some people really think this is worth it, and if we ever get a two-day pass, I’ll consider it. It’s best to book a gazebo in advance.

Reserve Your Waterbom Bali Tickets and Transfer

Seafood Barbecue at Jimbaran Beach

Seafood Barbecue at Jimbaran Beach -- things to do in Ubud Bali

This is one more possible thing to do near Ubud I can suggest, but with some reservations. Jimbaran Beach has a strip of seafood BBQ restaurants that serve you at tables set up on the sand so you can watch the sunset. We certainly enjoyed our dinner — and the kids enjoyed photographing the creatures in tanks awaiting their final demise — but the beach was filthy. It’s changed in the years since our last visit however, with Jimbaran now getting high marks for luxury travel. Our meal was fantastic, but I would check with your waiter about spice levels if your family is averse to hot stuff.

Green School/Green Camp

This alternative school gets a lot of plaudits from traveling families. I know many families who move to Bali put their kids here. You can book a tour of the facilities, or book a camp for just the kids, or for the entire family. The Green School is known for its emphasis on sustainability and environmental focus.

Other Great Bali Destinations

Honestly, I think you could spend an entire Bali holiday in Ubud, but there are many more Bali destinations to see. After all, if you want beaches and diving, then you should head to the coasts, right? There are many more places to go and things to do in Bali and beyond. Here are a few of them.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua Ubud with kids

Nusa Dua is where many of the best beaches in Bali can be found and where many of your big-name luxury resorts reside. The area is immaculate and simple to navigate because it was developed that way. It is not, however, cheap. You pay for the luxury, and many people believe it’s worth it, but you’ll come in contact with less of Bali’s unique culture here, aside perhaps from the lavish shows that some hotels provide.


Sanur Ubud with kids

Often considered a more economical alternative to Nusa Dua, Sanur offers some of the same brand-name resorts and luxury hotels with a mix of guesthouses and other alternatives, including hostels. The beach isn’t as pristine as some patches of Nusa Dua, but we’re not beach people, really, so it worked for us. Sanur also has the “sleepy little town” vibe going, and you can get more of a local feel when walking on the beachside walkway to a variety of restaurants (bring a flashlight).

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Things You Should NOT Do in Ubud

Okay, so we’ve covered what to do in Ubud. Now let me cover Bali activities and Bali attractions that we do NOT endorse. Remember that these are just our opinion, but feel the need to say before you plan your Bali holiday.

Skip Riding an Elephant

I’m not the first to say this and won’t be the last: please stay off the elephants. Many of the elephants in Bali, Thailand and elsewhere are victims of terrible violence, and riding them is painful and life-shortening. I will admit: in the early 2000s, we visited a Bali elephant park and an elephant park in Thailand as well. And we rode them. We were told they were “rescue elephants” (which they probably were) and that their life was so much better now (which it probably was). But we’ve learned a lot since then and feel that riding elephants is a cruel form of animal exploitation, like tiger selfies, and most zoos, really.

Not here to preach (I have no right) but thought I’d mention. At the time of writing, there were no full ethical elephant sanctuaries like the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Last time I checked, all the Bali elephant parks still offered shows, rides and other forced entertainment by the elephants. Of course, that could change. If you know somewhere, let me know. Otherwise, please leave elephant parks out of your Bali holiday itinerary.

Avoid the Kopi Luwak Coffee Plantations

Yes, Kopi Luwak is the astronomically-priced coffee you’ve heard of. The “Civet Cat Poop” coffee, where beans pass through the animals’ intestinal tract. On its face, this doesn’t seem like animal exploitation in the same was riding an elephant does. But then you learn that the animals are kept in tiny cages and essentially force-fed coffee beans to make more coffee, it sounds worse, doesn’t it? Leave this off your Ubud itinerary.

Don’t Visit the Ubud Monkey Forest 

Okay, so this is a top attraction in Ubud, but my advice is to stay away, but for different reasons than those above. Why? Well, the Ubud monkeys — wily macaques in this case — are bold here. Very bold. Many people go here and enjoy feeding the Ubud monkeys. They’re not caged or mistreated, I don’t think. On the contrary, they run the place and they know it. If you’re not careful, they may walk right up to you (or your child) and grab something right out of their hands. Or bags.

Or worse: they could threaten you or the kids or even bite/scratch you. It happens rarely, but it happens. I had a friend who had to get rabies shots (just in case) because one of these guys nipped her finger. I’m not telling everyone to avoid at all costs. But I’d be careful with little ones in there. Just sayin’. If you go to the Ubud Monkey Forest, please follow these rules:

  • Don’t bring any food with you. Even in your bags. They can smell it and may try to get it.
  • Avoid eye contact or getting too close. Especially to the large males and the babies (mamas will protect them).
  • I’d also recommend NOT feeding them, although I know that’s one of the reasons for going. They get enough food already, and not always the right food.

Ubud Travel Guide: Tips for Travel in Ubud

Ubud travel tips - riding scooters in Ubud with kids

You don’t have to travel to Ubud with kids to use our Ubud travel guide. Almost all of our tips and advice is good for anyone on a Bali holiday.

Internet & Phone 

Bali didn’t have very reliable internet speed in the past, but as more tourists and digital nomad types arrive, that’s changing. You should be able to find an internet cafe somewhere near your lodging, or there will be wifi of varying quality at the hotel or restaurant you’re in. If a good connection is important and you’re willing to pay for it, co-working spaces like Hubud are there for you. They’re open 24hours they have high-speed broadband and a professional working environment.

Getting a SIM card in Ubud

For on-the-go internet, we recommend getting a SIM card for your (unlocked) smartphone. Pre-paid SIM cards for smart devices are pretty easy to buy, install and top up. We’ve used Telkomsel every time we’ve visited Bali and have had no problems. There will be multiple locations to get these in Ubud and all across Bali.

Getting Around Ubud with Kids 

Ubud travel tips - riding scooters in Ubud with kids

Like Kuta and Sanur, downtown Ubud is completely walkable, although you’ll have to keep your eyes out for the crazy-driving scooter here and there (travelers are often worse than locals). I’ve never felt that Denpasar was particularly pedestrian-friendly, but that may just be my experience. Once we leave city centers, however, it’s all motorized vehicles for us. Many use bicycles, and now that the kids are older, we’ll go for a bike ride next time we visit. But for getting around town and further afield, we love riding scooters.

Should you? Depends on your experience. I learned to ride motorcycles in Taiwan in 1997 and have ridden for years. I understand the risks and have accepted them. You should too, or not ride. Remember that some travel insurance plans will not cover scooter accidents if you don’t have a license back home. For any location more than an hour away, we hire a driver. I’ve driven cars all over Malaysia, but never driven a car in Indonesia and probably never will. Hiring a driver in Bali is easy and inexpensive.

How to Ride Motorbikes in Ubud with Kids

So you’ve chosen to ride scooters in Ubud with kids. Here are a few tips on how to make it safer.

Tie Younger Kids to you

When riding scooters in Ubud with kids, tie younger kids to you — especially if it’s late at night or if you plan on driving long distances. Long rides can make kids sleepy and you don’t want them to nod off…and then possibly slip off. We usually just tied a sarong around both of our waists (see above). Once they got older and had more experience riding, we stopped. Another tactic is to fit you and kiddo into the same jacket (see below). This works great if you have a large, baggy windbreaker, and/or if it gets cool at night.

Ubud travel tips - riding scooters in Ubud with kids

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Take Pictures of the Bike Before Renting

Always take numerous pictures of your Bali scooter before you rent it. Note and photograph any pre-existing scratches and dents, and make sure that the renter knows they’re there, too. Why photograph? Just to avoid some conflict when returning your bike to a different guy at the shop who doesn’t know about those damages.

Know How to Get Fuel

ubud with kids gasoline scooters

scooter in Bali with kids

Gas/Petrol Stations — as you may know them — are few and far between in some parts of Indonesia, so you’ll probably buy some or all of your fuel from roadside stalls. These places usually keep it all outside in plain view, so it should be easy to spot (see above). They’re supposed to pour it for you — let them.

Where to Eat in Ubud

Where to eat in Ubud Bali? Well, there are just too many great Ubud restaurants to list. We love eating in Ubud with kids, but there are fine plenty of other dining options, from fine dining to romantic spots to raucous party bars. Delicious, healthy and affordable food is all over town. Here are some of our favorite places to eat in Ubud. Keep in mind that there are a lot more we didn’t list.

  • Bali Food Tip: Be sure to ask specifically for non-spicy (“tidak pedas”) food if your kids need it. Unlike much of Thailand, where chilis are usually already cooked in, restaurants in Bali can be more accommodating.

Three Monkeys

Excellent local dishes, but plenty of western and fusion choices. We’ve eaten here every time we’ve been in Bali. The kids discovered (and fell in love with) tiramisu here, of all things.

Bebek Bengil (aka “Dirty Duck Diner”)

Big, spacious indoor/outdoor dining area with a courtyard and walking paths mean you can enjoy the traditional duck dishes while the kids have room to move.

Sari Organik

Located up on the ridge walk, they have vegetarian, vegan and non-veggie options. Everything we tried here was delicious, and the view over the rice fields was nice, as well. Slightly disorganized, however. Don’t go there if you don’t have time to wait for your food.


More healthy and organic food, as well as excellent coffee and desserts. We usually stop here at least twice a trip.

Warung Mendez

We stumbled upon this place and then went back a second time. Fish, satay, curries, noodles, salads, all great.

Mamma Mia

Okay, so maybe you didn’t come to Bali for Italian food, but if you or the kids have a craving (like my kids do), Mamma Mia’s pizza is hard to beat. Two locations, both owned by the same Italian expat.

Cafe Lotus

What I like best about this place is the view of the pond and the casual, tatami-mat-like seating. It is great when you have kids who need a quick nap in the afternoon. That is if it’s not crowded. The food and fruit smoothies have been good.

Naughty Nuri’s Warung

Their ribs are overpriced, but excellent, as are the drinks, namely margaritas and (dirty) martinis.

Where to Stay in Ubud with Kids

Ubud is where we’ve based ourselves every time we visit Bali. This the cultural heart of the island, and although the city itself is too crowded for our liking nowadays, the rice fields and other fertile green spaces surrounding the town are still some of our favorite places to wander.

You’ll have no problem finding great places to stay in Ubud with kids. Both the Balinese and expat communities are warm and welcoming to families, and are very sweet to kids.

Read Our Full List of Bali Hotels!

Ulun Ubud Resort

If you’re looking for an Ubud resort, then it’s hard to wrong with Ulun Ubud Resort is one of the best resorts in Ubud thanks to spectacular views and traditional design. Rooms are large and immaculate, the beds are plush and soft. The sounds of the jungle are ever-present as you drift off to sleep.

Bicycles are available to explore the countryside, or instead jump in a free shuttle to town. The real reason you stay at Ulun Ubud, however, is the quality of the room with the quality of the view. Overlooking the valley, views like this make it one of the best hotels in Bali.

Family rooms are large and spacious even when adding an extra bed. They also come with a fridge with complimentary drinks.

Check Availability: Ulun Ubud Resort at

Compare Prices: Ulun Ubud Resort at HotelsCombined

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Green Field

Want something more centrally located? Green Field is walking distance from most of Central Ubud. They also have a free shuttle service to specific destinations, as well. Friendly staff, huge rooms and a surprisingly quiet and serene setting for being so close to town. So serene, in fact, that it made us feel noisier than usual. Beautiful salt water pool, the bike, and guide hires we had here were great, as well. Choose the rooms with patios that face the rice fields.

Check Availability: Green Field at

Compare Prices: Green Field Corner Gefecon Ubud at HotelsCombined

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Rumah Semanggi

Rumah Semanggi is located in a peaceful rice field just outside the downtown area. You will need a scooter to get to/from/around town. They have hotel rooms as well as more homey settings for longer-term stays. In fact, when we visited, we lucked out and rented an actual home while the owners were away.

Check Availability: Rumah Semanggi at

Compare Prices: Rumah Semanggi at HotelsCombined

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Kas Komala (Airbnb)

This place is the second floor of one building inside the compound of an extended Balinese family. It’s a 15-minute scooter ride into town but through one of my favorite areas of the island. We interacted with the family when we had time, but felt no obligation to. There were two separate bedrooms, with a kitchenette between them and a huge patio overlooking the compound.

The family arranged a few meals for us, as well as having local masseuses come to our patio for a treatment (and pedicures for the girls). We really enjoyed our time here, and it felt good knowing that our money was going directly to a local family and not to a faceless hotel conglomerate.

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Where to Go Before/After Bali

As many people will tell you, Bali is just one island among thousands in the Indonesian archipelago. There are lots of amazing destinations in Indonesia and neighboring countries that we think are fantastic places to travel — with kids or without. Here are a few of them:


Exceptional Family Accommodation in Senaru, Lombok: Rinjani Lodge Review fi on infnity pool

Bali’s eastern neighbor has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Yet it still has significantly fewer people and less development than the Island of the Gods, but still has many of the same activities. There’s plenty of surfing, snorkeling, and island hopping here, and we enjoyed them all. Beautiful waterfalls and spectacular accommodation, as well. Dining options are more limited than Bali, however, but that’s changing.

The Gili Islands

Gili Islands with Kids. Our Ultimate Guide to Lombok's Amazing Islands Gili T night market gili air gili air dock

This small chain of islands may be known as a party paradise, but that’s more or less relegated to one part of Gili Trawangan (aka Gili T), which is the largest of the island chain. There is much more to the Gilis than this, and we loved our time there. The kids got their PADI certification on Gili Air, and we enjoyed some lovely meals, walks and swims around the area.

Bukit Lawang and North Sumatra

_orangutan portrait. Orangutans in Sumatra - Jungle Trekking in Bukit Lawang Indonesia

Far on the western end of the country are the juggles of Sumatra and one of the last place where orangutans live in the wild. We loved it here so much that we returned again six months after our first visit. The area is changing rapidly, and not for the better, as palm oil plantations encroach ever closer to the reserve where so much wildlife lives. Go before it’s gone.

Kuala Lumpur

Awesome Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur with Kids - Malaysia Family Travel

This is one of the most interesting and dynamic big cities in Southeast Asia. When we first started living in Penang, we arranged an extra day or two in Kuala Lumpur before flights just to eat (SO MUCH great food). But eventually, we began to discover just how much the city has to offer. A great city escape.

Kota Kinabalu

Our Family Guide to Sabah: Things to Do in Kota Kinabalu with Kids Kota Kinabalu philipino fish market sabah 2

I used to think of Borneo as a savage land full of headhunters and other predators. Now I also know it as a great place to go trekking, diving and eating amazing seafood. Kota Kinabalu has a wild side, to be sure, but so much more.



This sleepy little city in Malaysian Borneo’s western reaches has lots of the wildlife opportunities of Kota Kinabalu without the larger crowds and faster pace. Great food, too, as the Chinese Malay population has a stronger influence here.

Conclusion: Things to Do in Ubud Bali

what to do in Ubud with kids - collage

When I write about the best things to do in Ubud, of course, I only speak from our own personal tastes and experience. Have you been on an Ubud holiday? Did you visit Ubud with kids, someone else, or as a solo traveler? What are your favorite things to do in Ubud or elsewhere in or Bali? How does this post compare with your time there? What about Lombok or other Indonesian locations nearby? Tell me about it in the comments, or just contact me directly.

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  1. Fantastic informative post! We love Ubud and stayed at the Padma Ubud last holiday with the kids. Was definitely a more expensive way to do it but I actually really enjoyed relaxing at the resort.

  2. Thank you so much! We are in Ubud right now, in Penestanan area, and I take notice of all your tips.
    Rergarding to the carving lessons… did you take one class or more? How long where they?
    Thank you very much Jason. Best, Isabel