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It’s been a long time coming, but finally, it has been released. May I present…

Tokyo with Children App on iTunes

My new, convenient and time-saving Tokyo with Children app. It uses content from the eBook I wrote.

Not everything from the eBook is included, but the Tokyo with Children app serves up info and insight on around 80 fun and educational places to go in Tokyo with kids, along with new mapping filter features!

Tokyo with Children App

Tell the Tokyo with Children app how far you’re willing to travel and how much you want to spend and then you can quickly locate fun things to do in Tokyo with kids. The Tokyo with Children app leads you to:

  • Parks & playgrounds
  • Museums & art galleries
  • Shopping & indoor activities
  • Modern buildings & historical sites
  • Plenty of external links to related content

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Features: Tokyo with Children App

Tokyo with children app 3 screenshot Panasonic RiSuPia

Better navigation and geolocation

Now it’s easier to find locations for things to do with children in Tokyo. Let’s say you want to visit the Kabukiza theater in Ginza and wonder what it’s like with kids. Simply search “KABUKIZA” in the app, you will find out where Kabukiza is and see what other kid-friendly activities there are in the area.

Filters to based on budget, distance and date

You can filter events and venues by how close they are or how much they cost. Lots of our recommendations for Tokyo with kids are free, while many others have admission fees. If you would want to set certain budget, the Tokyo with Children app helps make that easier.

You can set how many adults and kids are with you, and the app can find activities that fit you budget (adult, student and pre-K admission prices vary widely). With the Tokyo with Children app, admission fees can be automatically calculated for you.Tokyo with children app 3 screenshot Kiyosumi Shirakawa

Please send us Feedback!

This is the first version of the Tokyo with Children app, so we’ll be making improvements based on user feedback, so I humbly ask you to tell us what you like and what can be improved.

There is plenty of information on this site about experiencing Tokyo with kids, and I’ll be adding content from this here, as well, including information found in my posts on:

Odaiba with kids,  Ginza with kids,  Omotesando with kidsHarajuku & Yoyogi with kids,  The Best Tokyo Hotels and Apartments for families, Roppongi and Tokyo’s awesome (and often underrated) east side.

An ambitious project to be sure, but I want families to get the most out of the city I now call my second home.

Sound appealing? well then pick it up on iTunes! Do you know anyone planning to go to Tokyo? Surprise them by giving this as a gift!

As many of you know, I love Japan, and I’ve spent a majority of the past 15 years of my life in its capital:

Tokyo is known more for being expensive than kid-friendly, but I want everyone to experience Tokyo for the amazing place that it truly is. That’s why I made the book and the app so that those in Tokyo with kids can get the most out of the city.Tokyo with children app 3 screenshot Louis Vuitton

The book and the app took lots of time and energy to write, design capture in images (most pics are mine) and then actually experience all of these places and encapsulate them all into one resource.

My book and my app don’t cover every activity for kids in Tokyo. No, this app is just some favorites that I and my kids love to do ourselves. I want YOU to enjoy Tokyo as much as I do, and I hope that the Tokyo with Children app helps make that happen.

Please DO give us feedback after you use it. This is currently only a two-man project (just my developer friend, Andrew and myself) so that changes might come slow, but I plan to expand this project so that would help more families to better explore Tokyo and beyond.

Tokyo with Children App on iTunes


  1. Melana Janzen says

    Can’t seem to get the Tokyo with Children App… is it only available via iTunes? Does the Canadian store have it as well?

    My family is heading off to South-East Asia, Hong Kong and Japan (with a short stop in India) in 6 nights.

    • Thank you for your interest in our App! My understanding is that Tokyo with Children App is only available in the iTunes US Store at present. My apologies to you and those who can’t get access… Hope you have an amazing trip!

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