Things to do in Omotesando with Kids – Fun on Tokyo’s Glitzy Shopping Street

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Skip the shopping and check out these fun things to do in Omotesando with kids. This is one of Tokyo’s glitziest neighborhoods, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to play here. If you’re looking for things to do in Tokyo with kids, then this is a great place to start.

Omotesando with Kids: view from Tokyu Plaza Deck
Omotesando Tokyu Plaza Angle

Things to do in Omotesando: Tokyo with Kids

Located next to Yoyogi and Harajuku, Tokyo’s liveliest park and one of its hippest neighborhoods, Omotesando is an upscale district popular with architecture students, young couples on dates and rich middle aged-women with endless lines of credit.

Like Ginza, Omotesando is regarded as one of Tokyo’s highest-end shopping districts full of flagship luxury brand stores. However, if you’re in Tokyo with kids, there are many things to do in Omotesando, and many family-friendly places to visit. Wandering around Omotesando with children is always fun, especially when you make time to explore other famous nearby Tokyo neighborhoods like Harajuku and Yoyogi, as well.

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Aside from being the site of a number of Tokyo’s holiday parades (I’m thinking St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween in particular), there is a lot more family fun to be had in Omotesando with kids than may initially meet the eye.

Here I list up some of our favorite things to do in Omotesando with kids. The list below runs more or less from west to east, starting at either the JR Harajuku station on the Meiji Jingu Mae Station of the Tokyo metro and running southeast all the way in to the Aoyama district.

Tokyu Plaza: Roof and Entrance

Tokyo with Kids: Fun things to do in Omotesando Tokyu Plaza entrance

You can’t miss the entrance of this place — the shattered-mirror escalators look like some kind of time portal.

This is actually just another Tokyo shopping mall, but I’m not recommending the shops as one of the things to do in Omotesando. (You’re welcome to, if you want) Instead, just head up the escalators to the 6th floor.

The roof garden here has a nice view of the area and some fun hanging chairs where you can chill and have a coffee if you like (yup, there’s a Starbucks here). After a day walking around Tokyo with kids, this is an excellent place to stop, chill and regroup.

One floor up is the unfeasibly popular Aussie breakfast place Bill’s, which I like, but wouldn’t recommend waiting in the ridiculous line to get in. If you have a stroller and don’t fancy taking escalators all the way, there are elevators on the outside of the building’s north-facing walls, but they take forever to arrive. You’ve been warned.

Kiddy Land: Tokyo for Kids

Omotesadno with kids: Kiddyland

This isn’t my favorite toy store in Tokyo (that would be Hakuhinkan in Ginza), but it’s a nice quirky diversion if you’re in the area. If you are a fan of Japanese cartoons, this certainly is one of the things to do in Omotesando for you.

It’s usually mobbed because of its location, but it may also serve as a great spot for small souvenirs or just to see what’s popular with local kids. My daughter likes to buy hair barrettes here.

Oriental Bazaar: Tokyo Shopping & Souvenirs

Omotesando with Kids: Oriental Vintage

This is not much more than a fancy Tokyo souvenir shop, but it does its job well and it’s right on your way, so if you’re in need, I’d step inside.

We’ve bought plates, teacups, and other Japanese ceramic sets here, but Oriental Bazaar has everything from antique furniture upstairs to tacky Tokyo T-shirts and keychains in the basement.

If you want to end your souvenir shopping at one time, then consider Oriental Bazaar one of the things to do in Omotesando when you are in Tokyo.

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Espace Luis Vuitton

Omotesando with Kids: Espace Louis Vuitton

Yes, I’m telling you to go to that Louis Vuitton. No matter how you feel about luxury brands, they run one of my favorite contemporary art venues in the city. If you’re in Tokyo with kids and like contemporary art, this is one of the best things to do in Omotesando.

The store entrance is for both shoppers of Louis Vuitton products and for visitors of art venues. Don’t be shy and grab kiddo by the arm and walk straight into the elevator on the right.

On the 7th floor is Louis Vuitton’s own gallery space, and it is frequently outstanding. High windows on two sides give you a great view of the area, and the curator makes use of the high ceilings and ample daylight, frequently choosing artists whose work is bright, shiny or colorful.

My daughter and I once spent half an afternoon lounging in this Ernesto Neto installation (see pic below). Not all exhibits are this much fun but drop by just in case. They sometimes even hand out free books of the featured artists’ work.

Espace Luis Vuitton is normally open from noon to 8:00 pm during exhibitions. Free admission. Check their updates for temporary closing or a change in opening hours before you go.

Crayon House: For Tokyo Kids (Yours, Too!)

Omotesando with Kids: Crayon House

This is one of the best family and parenting centers in the city, and one of my favorite places to eat in Tokyo with children. The first floor is a great bookstore (English and Japanese). The 3rd floor has an amazing (and pricey) selection of imported and domestic toys (with some sample play areas).

The basement floor has a market of organic produce, but it’s the restaurant here that I’m really recommending. Nutritious, delicious and very kid-friendly, their all-you-can-eat organic buffet is both veggie-friendly and spectacular. If you’re in Omotesando with kids, lunch at Crayonhouse should be one of the things to do in Omotesando.

Crayonhouse HIROBA (Organic Restaurant) is open from 11:00 am till 11:00 pm on weekdays. On Sat, Sun and holidays, they open at 10:30 am if there is no event held. I strongly recommend to be at the door waiting for it to open by 11:00 am if possible. If not, prepare to wait.

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Omotesando with Kids: Spiral

This multi-use space is where art and commerce frequently mingle. Check the schedule to see if there is anything you might enjoy — while not consistently interesting, it’s worth dropping by. There are interesting shops here and great restaurants, bakeries, and cafes on the side streets surrounding it, so if in the area, give it a look.

Commune 246: Great Places to Eat in Tokyo

Omotesando with Kids: Lunch at Commune 246 Kids

About a 5-minute walk from Spiral is the most happening outdoor dining spot in Tokyo. This once vacant lot now has food trucks, cafes, bars, a stage and a coworking space.

Omotesando with Kids: Lunch at Commune 246

There are regular events here during the warmer months. I have seen (but not participated in) a number of kids activities in the afternoons, but to be honest, I’ve spent more time here around sunset. During the summer they set up a canopy with fans and mist machines to help keep customers cool.

Omotesando with Kids: Lunch at Commune 246 Kids

You’ll find many types of food here — from Hawaiian to Indian. From Vegan to Hot Dogs. One of my favorites is Tokyo Smoke Club, which serves smoked cheeses, meats, and fruit (during the day it’s a different place called Sunshine Deli). Seating at Commune 246 is basically random outdoor furniture. The vendors here change over time.

The Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum

This was the home and studio of famed Japanese artist, Taro Okamoto, who was known best for his abstract, avant-garde paintings and sculpture. The name is a little misleading: more than a “memorial” or “museum,” this is like visiting someone’s house. In fact, you will be asked to take your shoes off when entering, just like any typical Japanese home. It has a fairly big garden — considering that it’s in the middle of Tokyo — and it’s filled with Okamoto’s work.

The Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum is open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Closed on Tuesday. Admission is ¥620 for over 13 y/o, ¥310 for elementary school kids (7-12 y/o). It is located about 8 min walk from Omotesando station. Please check their site for more details.

The Nezu Museum

Founded before WWII, the Nezu Museum is one of the most stunning places in Tokyo. The collection has exquisite old Japanese and Chinese statues, ceramics, and swords, but the facility itself is a marvel as well. The building beautifully blends both classical and modern Japanese elements, and the gardens are worthy of an afternoon.

The Nezu Museum is open 10 am to 5 pm (last entry 4:30 pm). Closed Mondays unless a National Holiday falls on a Monday. In these cases, the museum is open on that Monday and is closed the following Tuesday.

General admission is Adults are JPY ¥1300. High School students and above JPY ¥1100. Special exhibitions may be priced differently.

CONCLUSION: Omotesando with Kids

Tokyo with kids. Things to do in Omotesando night

Well, do you think you can make a day of it in Omotesando with kids? I like people-watching in Omotesando, and the area offers heaps of cafe to do so. Have you been to Tokyo with kids? Did you walk around Omotesando? What did you think? Please leave your insight in the comments below or contact me.

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