Valencia with Kids: Fun Stuff, Valencia Tours & Best Valencia Holiday Tips

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Valencia with kids: looking for things to do on a family Valencia holiday? How much time do you have? There are enough Valencia tours and other activities to keep any Valencia family holiday busy for days, weeks or more. We lived in Valencia for two years and return whenever we can. Here are our Valencia holiday tips, including what to do, where to stay, what to eat and lots of great Valencia tours for travelers of any age. 

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Valencia with Kids: The Ultimate Valencia Holiday Guide

We love exploring Valencia with kids. In fact,  So much, in fact, that we decided to stay there for nearly two years: longer than anywhere we’ve lived since we first left Japan in 2013 to travel long-term. This post is all about what to do on a Valencia holiday with kids Yet, to be honest, I’d recommend most of these same Valencia tours and attractions to just about anyone. whether they’re in Valencia with kids or not. In other words, there are loads of fun and unique things to do in Valencia Spain with kids, but you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy them.

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What to Do in Valencia with Kids

Valencia with kids - family portrait in Valencia

There are loads of great things to do in Valencia with kids. Valencia attractions have all the things family travelers are looking for: history, food, education, nature, and room to move. 

Why a Valencia Holiday? Valencia with Kids? 

What’s so great about a Valencia holiday? Why visit Valencia with kids? For us, there are many reasons. Any Valencia family holiday will be filled with sunshine, great food, and a relaxed atmosphere. Great weather in Valencia, too. 

Easy to Get Around

For one, the city is extremely walkable, navigable and stroller friendly. Sidewalks are wide and ubiquitous, and people on the street and on buses go out of their way to give strollers the right-of-way. Put another way, kids are welcomed wherever they go.

The Spanish Love Children

Store owners often dote on babies while their parents check out, and the alfresco dining culture here is made even better by the number of small parks and open spaces for kids to run around. Parents take their kids with them everywhere and they’re welcomed. Additionally, kids are allowed to be kids. They’re allowed to run and play and shout, and we like that. 

Safer/Less Crowded than Barcelona & Madrid

We love traveling all over Spain, and we still amazed at how Valencia can be both a big town and a small town at the same time. After all, Valencia is Spain’s 3rd-largest city, and yet it doesn’t feel that way. It’s less crowded than Madrid and Barcelona, and with less crime like pickpocketing. Better yet, the pace of life still feels slow like in Southern Spain, rather than rush and urgency you feel in most big cities. 

Valencia Sunshine / Valencia Weather

Valencia weather is significantly warmer and sunnier than most of Europe, with nearly double the hours of sunshine that Northern Europe sees. 

Loads of Valencia Holiday Activities

There is so much to do in Valencia with kids, as well. In fact, you can fill a Valencia holiday with more than you’ll ever have time for. Below are our favorite fun things to do in Valencia with kids, but this is only part of a growing list of fun Valencia holiday experiences we’re compiling for you.  

Top 10 Best Activities in Valencia for Families

Torres serranos - a valencia holiday with children - child-friendly Valencia

This post has lots of great ideas for any family Valencia holiday itinerary, but if your time is limited and just need to top things to do in Valencia with kids, here’s what we’d recommend. More info on all of these below. 

Oceanogràfic: the Valencia Aquarium

Oceanogràfic is the amazing Valencia aquarium that looks straight out of a science fiction movie. Indeed, both George Clooney’s movie Tomorrowland and HBO’s android drama Westworld filmed here. That’s not the only reason to put it on your Valencia holiday itinerary, though. Oceanogràfic is also the largest (and I’d say most impressive) aquarium in Europe.

Buy Your Oceanogràfic Entrance Tickets Now

Prince Felipe Museum & City of Arts & Sciences

Valencia’s City of Arts & Sciences is a series of futuristic buildings with modern museums and other facilities, such as an Opera house, an IMAX theater and more. The Museu de Les Ciències Príncipe Felipe is an impressive and interactive science museum in a futuristic building set inside the Turia Park. Spend some time in the museum but save time to simply walk the grounds. There are often events in the area, as well as additional activities for kids. 

Valencia City of Arts & Sciences Full-Day Combo Tickets

Principe Felipe Science Museum Tickets

3D Film at Hemisfèric – Valencia City of Arts & Sciences

Bioparc Valencia

On the other end of Turia Park is one of the most impressive zoos I’ve ever been to (and I don’t say that often). Biopark will satisfy any young animal lovers or anyone on a Valencia holiday who loves wildlife. If you’re in Valencia with kids, then this is a no-brainer. 

Buy Full-Day Entrance Tickets for Bioparc Valencia

Bioparc Valencia Skip the Line Admission Ticket

Turia Park

Okay, so the top three things to do in Valencia with kids mentioned above are all in or next to Turia Park. Yet Turia park is truly a Valencia attraction in itself. Built into a riverbed, the park is full of enough fun activities to fill a weekend. In fact, I’d recommend any Valencia holiday base one day of activities around it. Rent bicycles here or just stroll the numerous walking paths. One of the best places in Valencia for kids when they need some open space. Adults too. 

Fallas Museum/Falleras workshops

There are some amazing festivals in Spain, and one of the most amazing Spanish festivals of all is Las Fallas, which happens in Valencia in March every year. If you can’t actually be in Valencia for Fallas (and I urge you to at least once in your life), then your Valencia holiday should include a visit to the Fallas museums and workshops. If you’re in Valencia with kids and want to see the city’s creative side, then this is where to go. 

Gulliver Park

Everyone remembers in Gulliver’s travels where the diminutive Lilliputians tied down the poor adventurer. Now imagine a playground/sculpture which makes YOU the Lilliputians. We lived across the street from this park for two years and it never got old watching young ones slide down his coattail or hide in his hair. The best playground to visit in Valencia with kids. 

The Almoina Archaeological Center

This great, interactive museum tells the story of Valencia, a city at the crossroads of the Roman and Ottoman Empires. And it’s right downtown so easy to access. 

Toy Soldiers Museum

Ever wondered what over a million tin soldiers would look like? Come to L’Iber Museo de Los Soldaditos de Plomo and find out. In truth, there are usually “just” around ten thousand or so on display at one time, but the dioramas and historical situations that relay are fascinating to kids and adults alike. 

Mestalla Stadium

Okay, so this one may just be for the sports fans on a Valencia Holiday, but the home of Valencia C.F. is impressive, and seeing a game here is truly an experience to behold (especially now that they’re playing so well). The stadium tour is also quite interesting, regardless of your interest in the sport, and one of the Valencia tours we like to recommend. 

Valencia Beaches

No Valencia holiday is complete without some time spent on the Mediterranean Coast, right? Valencia beaches are a great place for some rest and relaxation, and depending on the length of your Valencia holiday, the beach towns down the coast can be a great way to spend time in Valencia with kids. However, the ocean is less than 15 minutes from downtown Valencia, so you can visit no matter how long your vacation is. 

BONUS: The Las Fallas Festival

If we could only recommend ONE thing to do in Valencia with kids, it would be to attend the Fallas Festival in March. Las Fallas is one of the most amazing festivals I’ve ever seen, and if you can arrange your Valencia holiday during that time you won’t regret it.

Best Valencia Tours For Families

paella in valencia. valencia food tours & other valencia tours

One of our family’s favorite things to do in a new town is to take a few tours. Usually, we recommend doing this soon after you arrive in town. Why? Because that way you get useful info straight from a local or expert. That way you can put it to use all the way through your Valencia holiday.

For example, if you take a walking tour in Valencia early, then you quickly get your bearings of the city for when you’re walking around later, and you can ask your guide about where to eat or other questions a local can answer better. Same goes for any food-related Valencia tours: you learn about what you like and where to find it early. Now you can order the same dish or visit the same restaurant again before your Valencia holiday is over. Here are a few Valencia tours that we think are good for family travelers.

Walking Tours in Valencia

Valencia is a very walkable city, and these walking tours in Valencia cover a variety of different aspects of the city: from food to culture to history. 

Valencia Tours: Guided Family Walking Tour

Private Family-Friendly Valencia Food Tour

Private Walking Valencia Tours with Official Guide

Best of Valencia Tour: Private Highlights & Hidden Gems

Historical Walking Valencia Tour

The History of Valencia: Guided Valencia Walking Tours

Valencia Old City Private Walking Tour

Private Tailored Valencia Tours

Essentials & World Heritage Sites Walking Tour in Valencia

Paella Cooking Class

Valencia is the home of paella. That’s right, Spain’s national dish started here, and many locals believe that you can only ger the real deal in this region, as the certain strain of rice used for paella is grown in the nearby Albufera natural zone just outside town. We’ve taken cooking classes all over — from Ho Chi Minh City to the Yucatan Peninsula — and we think they’re a great thing to do with kids in Valencia as well. 

Authentic Valencian Paella Cooking Class

Central Market & Valencia Paella Cooking Class

Panoramic Valencia Tour & Paella Cooking Class

Afternoon Valencia Paella Cooking Class

Paella Cooking Class & Private Tour Albufera Natural Park

Vegetarian Paella Cooking Class in Valencia

Albufera Tours

As mentioned above, paella began in Valencia, and specifically in Albufera just south of town. This is not only where the original strain of paella rice is grown. It’s also a nature reserve with its own ecosystem and culture. Different migratory birds stop here at various times of the year. For example, one time when we visited there were several breeds of duck. Then months later there were flamingoes (!). 

Albufera Park Bike Tour with Paella

Excursion to Albufera Natural Park

Paella Cooking Class & Albufera Park Tours

Hop on Hop Off bus

One easy way to see a lot of Valencia with kids is to jump from the top of a tour bus. Several Valencia tour companies offer tickets to the hop-on-hop-off bus, and this can be a way to see a lot without having to walk so much. Also great when in Valencia with kids who might need a nap. 

Valencia Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tours

48-Hour Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus & Oceanogràfic Ticket

Tapas Tours in Valencia

Along with paella, tapas is one of the most famous Spanish foods. There are loads of various Valencia tapas tours to choose from, but for some parents in Valencia with kids, an afternoon tapas tour is what they’re looking for. Afternoon tapas tours in Valencia exist, but understand that the tapas bars are most active at night. 

Valencia Tapas Tours

Authentic Tapas Tour in Valencia

Lunch Time Tapas Tours Valencia

Guided Tapas Tour in Valencia

Bicycle Valencia Tours

Seeing Valencia by bicycle is an incredible way to explore the city. After all, Valencia is very bike-friendly with bike lanes throughout most parts of the city. Valencia is also flat, so you can cover a lot of ground without too much strain on the body. Most Valencia tour companies have options for travelers in Valencia with kids, so make sure to ask.

3-Hour Valencia Tour by Bicycle

Valencia Bike Tours

Bicycle Valencia Tours: Horchata

Segway Valencia Tours

You can see a lot of Valencia on foot or on a bike, but if you’d rather save your energy, then consider a segway. If you’re on a Valencia holiday with teens, then this might be a great way to explore the city. There is a variety of Valencia segway tours — some explore Valencia history, while others simply hit the most beautiful or popular spots. 

Medieval Valencia 1-Hour Segway Tours

Grand Valencia Segway Tour

Valencia Park Segway Tour

City of Arts & Sciences Segway Tours Valencia

2.5-Hour Valencia Segway Tour

City of Arts & Sciences Segway Tours in Valencia

Special Segway Valencia Tour + Bike Rental

Fun Segway Tours Valencia

Parks, Playgrounds & Open Spaces

If you’re in Valencia with children who need to burn off some energy, you’re in luck. Valencia has plenty of beautiful, well-managed and car-free open spaces. After living in Southeast Asia for a few years, my wife and I really enjoyed walking through the park or the city with very little concern about anyone getting clobbered by a car or motorcycle. Whether you’re in Valencia with kids or not, these places are a must-visit. 

The Turia Garden Park

Jardin de Turia Garden Park near Torres de Serranos- Things to do in Valencia with Kids

Things to do in Valencia with Kids: Jardin de Turia Garden Park Walking Path

Before 1957, the Turia river flowed through the center of Valencia. Then it overflowed and flooded the city. Afterward, in a commendable feat of engineering and urban planning, the Valencian government diverted the river and turned the remaining riverbed into a nine-kilometer-long public park. Turia Park has playgrounds, waterways, gardens, skate parks, jogging, and biking lanes, public exercise equipment, football pitches and a wide variety of other sports fields.

Best Place to Live in Valencia with Kids

When we were considering where to live in Valencia with kids who needed open space, being near the park a no-brainer. As for the quality of life, it’s one of the best Valencia attractions. Locals walk the park after meals and on weekends. Turia Park is bookended by the Bioparc in the west and the City of Arts and Sciences in the east (see below).

Its long snake-like shape has made it difficult to get a picture that truly shows how awesome this park actually is (here’s the Google Maps view from Torres Serranos). Just imagine a strip of green nine kilometers long and wider than two football fields. Hanging out here on weekends was one of our favorite things to do in Valencia with kids, and some of the best Valencia attractions are in the park or near it. I’ll start with the zoo on the west side and then move the park’s east where there are lots of fun things to do with children of all ages.

Bioparc Valencia

Rhinoceros running at Bioparc Valencia: best Things to do in Valencia with Kids

The west side of the park has a pretty unique zoo. And while I rarely endorse zoos, I found Valencia’s Bioparc to be one of the best I’ve ever visited. It’s designed so that visitors seem to be sneaking a peek at animals in the wild as opposed to gawking at creatures in cages. Most creatures have more space than in similarly-sized zoos. Our kids felt like the animals were often within touching distance. (and in the case of the lemurs, they were).

Lemurs in Bioparc Valencia: Our Top 23 Things to do in Valencia with Kids

Buy Full-Day Entrance Tickets for Bioparc Valencia

Bioparc Valencia Skip the Line Admission Ticket

Jardins de Real

These gardens are huge and have loads of playgrounds in them. They’re also connected to the Turia Park, so they’re nice for a diversion. There’s also a nice science museum in here with full skeletons of a raptor-like creature and a giant sloth that used to roam this area thousands of years ago. Great place to visit in Valencia with kids into dinosaurs.

Palau de la Musica

Palau de la Musica Valencia: Valencia holiday tips

The beautiful glass exterior of the Palau de la Musica makes it look more like a giant greenhouse than a symphony hall. There are a variety of concerts happening here every week, with tickets priced between 4€ and 40€. What I’m recommending here, however, isn’t necessarily what’s inside.

On warmer weekends, the plaza outside the building can fill with locals sitting on picnic baskets, or zipping around the fountain on rollerblades. Members of local hipster swing dance club may bring their speakers down and practice their moves. There are many passers-by, as the park’s paths run right through the plaza. Therefore,  joggers, bikers, skateboarders and grandmas out for a stroll all pass this point. Great place for kids in Valencia to practice rollerblading, which is part of many local schools’ physical education program. My girl practiced here when she went to local schools.

Gulliver Park

Remember the story of Gulliver’s Travels? Where he woke up on the beach tied down by a race of tiny people? Well now imagine a playground that looks like Gulliver himself and that your kids are the little people. When it comes to attractions in Valencia or kids, this is a big one. In a clever piece of construction, the builders of Gulliver Park crafted the biggest toy in the city. The ropes that once held Gulliver down are now for kids to climb onto him. And his hair, his shoe and the sides of his jacket have been transformed into slides. A few hours here what to do in Valencia with kids just about any time of year, but the slides get quite hot on summer afternoons.

Overview of Gulliver Park Valencia: best Things to do in Valencia with Kids

Gulliver Park: Best Things to do in Valencia with Kids on a Valencia Holiday

  • Gulliver Park is open 10:00am-8: 00 pm, and on the weekend, there are mobs of kids there. If you want the place to yourself, however, arrive on a weekday afternoon during siesta time. Easily one of the best things to do in Valencia Spain with kids.

The City of Arts & Sciences 

CITY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES - valencia tours & valencia holiday tips

Once you’ve seen the rustic old-Europe part of Valencia with kids, follow the Turia Garden Park to its southeastern tip to see the futuristic side of the city. They call this a “city,” but in actuality, it is a series of museums, performance halls and other venues that look straight out of a Star Trek movie. In fact, you don’t really have to buy tickets to any of these places to enjoy them, although your options open up quite a bit more if you do. See below.

Príncipe Felipe Science Museum

Príncipe Felipe Science Museum: best Things to do in Valencia with Kids

Hands on Experience at Science Museum in Valencia: Our Top 23 Things to do in Valencia with Kids

Simply approaching this building makes you feel like you’ve entered the future. In fact, just wandering around the area may be enough to keep your kids entertained for a while. When you’re ready, head inside, buy a ticket and head up the escalators. Like any good science museum (such as in Malaysia and in Japan), there are dozens of hands-on activities to keep everyone interested and occupied. With enough English-language signage, you know what you’re doing. If you’re in Valencia with kids, this is a great option. 

  • The Science Museum opens daily from 10:00 am (even on Monday). Close to Carrefour El Saler. You can take EMT bus #95 from “Torres dels Serrans – Comte de Trénor” (Bus stop ID: 771), and get off at “Professor López Piñero (par) – Ciutat de la Justícia” (Bus stop ID: 2042). 

Valencia City of Arts & Sciences Full-Day Combo Tickets

Principe Felipe Science Museum Tickets

The Hemisfèric

The Hemisfèric: Our Top 23 Things to do in Valencia with Kids

This place may look like the headquarters of a James Bond villain, but it’s actually Valencia’s place for IMAX-style movies, planetarium exhibits, and laser shows. Hemisfèric is located next to the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, and the movies here are a great thing to do in valencia on a rainy day. 

3D Film at Hemisfèric – Valencia City of Arts & Sciences


Oceanogràfic Valencia: Valencia Tours & Valencia holiday tips

Walk further east and you end up at a new set of sci-fi structures. Indeed, Valencia’s Oceanographic was the backdrop to much of Disney’s George Clooney vehicle, Tomorrowland, in 2015. Designed by Félix Candela, this is the largest aquarium in Europe. Like many other aquariums, Oceanographic still has dolphin shows, which we do not like, but the main venue has some impressive tanks. Be aware that some exhibits may be closed for maintenance during the low season.

Buy Your Oceanogràfic Entrance Tickets Now

The Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofía Opera House

Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía Opera house: valencia tours

This venue hosts the opera, dance performances, recitals and other forms of theatrical arts. The Berklee College of Music has its Valencia campus here. There are guided tours of the building twice a day on weekdays, which takes you not only through the four halls inside, but also to the terrace and garden area located near the top of the building. It’s an amazing building. Don’t want the tour? Just walking around the building is enjoyable. There’s a cafe just north of the building in the park that’s good for a beer, soda, coffee or snack break. Your kids can run around in the surrounding fountains and gardens while you enjoy a beverage at the nearby tables.

  • The Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofía Opera house is located at Avenida del Professor López Piñero. If interested in watching a performance there, check with their Box Office. Guided tours are offered at 11:30 am and 1:00 pm, Monday to Friday for 8.00€ for adults, 6.00€ for seniors. 

The Umbracle

The Umbracle, decorative walking path: Our Top 23 Things to do in Valencia with Kids

This is called a park, but it’s more like a decorative walking path by the Hemisfèric and Science Museum. It could also classify as an open-air art gallery with sculptures by contemporary artists (including Yoko Ono), but it’s nowhere you’re going to spend hours of time. Maybe some Valencia family photos. 

Club events happen here some nights, but during the daytime, it’s nice to walk through and snap a few pictures. On one side is the Science Museum, and on the other, you’ll find a bus stop (#95 that goes back to Torres de Serranos and the old town). Beyond the bus stop and across the road is the El Saler Shopping Complex with a huge Carrefour Supermarket. You can find groceries or a cheap pair of jeans. Also Zara, Foot Locker, Vodafone and more.

Best Valencia Tours for Wide-open Spaces

Bike Valencia Tours

 Segway Valencia Tours

All-Day Bike Rental and L’Oceanogràfic Valencia Tours

Lots more info below, but first…PIN THIS!

Valencia with kids, Valencia Tours, and best Valencia Holiday Tips PIN 1

Museums & History

There are plenty of fascinating museums and historical sites in Valencia, and having most of them within walking distance of each other makes the days in Valencia with kids go by quickly. If you’re on a Valencia holiday and want to check out some of these museums, keep these points in mind:

  • Many museums are free of charge on Sundays
  • Those same Valencia museums may be closed on Mondays.
  • Some (but not all) may close during Spanish siesta (lunch/break) hours: usually 2-5 pm. 

Museums in Valencia with Kids

Out of all the great Valencia museums, I’ve listed up our favorite ones to visit in Valencia with children first, and then a few others that I enjoy but only some kids may like. 

Almoina Archaeological Center

Almoina Archaeological Center: best valencia museums - spain with kids

Founded by the Romans, ruled by the Moors, and conquered by the Crusaders, Valencia has some serious history, and the old quarter is full of winding alleys and dusty cathedrals. At this archaeological museum, you can see remnants of entire societies that have long gone.

What’s Inside

There are Roman baths, archways, and nymphaeums, among other structural remnants. Indeed, they are all under one roof. In addition, some exhibits have multi-media elements. For example, you can hear voice actors portraying Roman soldiers as they describe what they see at different times and places. There are also a number of screens showing CG recreations of various ruins to give you an idea of what they looked like in their prime. Easily one of our favorite things to do in Valencia Spain with kids to get a better idea of what came before.

  • Almoina Archaeological Center: Open between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm from Tuesday to Saturday, and open on Sundays and Holidays from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Admission is 2.00€ but free on Sundays and Holidays. It’s located close to Valencia Cathedral, behind Real Basílica De Nuestra Señora De Los Desamparados, on Plaça Dècim Juni Brut.

L’Iber Museo de Los Soldaditos de Plomo (The Toy Soldiers Museum)

War Scene at L'Iber Museo de Los Soldaditos de Plomo (Toy Soldiers Museum): Our Top 23 Things to do in Valencia with Kids

Display of People gathering at Toy Soldier's Museum: Our Top 23 Things to do in Valencia with Kids

Nearly a million toy soldiers under one roof, with approx. 80,000 on display at a time. It didn’t sound that exciting to us at first, but we wanted to check it out anyway. The first few rooms were just different miniature battalions in different miniature clothes with different miniature weapons. But then we discovered another room, and then another and another. This is much more than just soldiers, we discovered.

For example, there were scenes re-enacted from ancient Rome, Egypt, and the Aztec Empire. We also saw renderings of Batman, Lionel Messi, Gandhi, Saddam Hussein, and Hitler. Then there were dioramas with tenaciously detailed battles scenes — containing hundreds and hundreds of soldiers, their horses, and their equipment — from wars that we had never even heard of. It went on and on. Very interesting history for adults, and interesting figure details for kids. FYI: Some displays have elements of sex or violence (naked slaves, Attila the Hun holding a severed head, etc), but nothing that can’t either be handled by older kids or avoided by younger.

  • L’Iber Museo de Los Soldaditos de Plomo (The Toy Soldiers Museum) is open between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, and reopens 4:00 pm till 7:00 pm on Wednesdays through Sundays. During the Summer (July and August), they are open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, and reopen 3:00 pm till 8:00 pm every day. Admission is 5.00€ for adults, 3.00€ for students under 26 y/o, free for kids under 4 y/o. Unlike many museums in Valencia, you will still need to pay on Sundays. 

The Fallas Museum (MUSEO FALLERO)

The Fallas Museum (MUSEO FALLERO): best Valencia festivals & Valencia museums

Valencia’s biggest festival is known as Las Fallas, where each year local artisans build large, ornately decorated figures and statues. Once completed, their work is placed in public squares all around the city and ceremoniously burned to the ground. This is what to do in Valencia with kids, with friends, on your own, whatever. If your time is flexible and you can come during the Fallas Festival, then do it. It is easily one of the best things to do in Valencia Spain and one of the most fun and interesting festivals we’ve ever seen. 

See Pics and Read Our Post on Las Fallas, Fire Festival

It’s a spectacle, to be sure, and some might say a bit of wasted effort. It’s because so much work goes into their construction only to see them in ashes on the festival’s final night. Well, the good news is that some are saved every year, and many of them are placed in this museum. So if you’re not in Valencia during the festival in March, then you should definitely come to see what it’s all about here.

  • Opening dates/hours for the Fallas Museum are 10:00am-2:00pm/4:30pm-8:30pm for Tuesdays to Saturdays (closed for Spanish lunch hours) and 10:00am-3:00pm for Sundays and public holidays. It is located at Plaza Monteolivete 4, Valencia, in front of the EMT bus station “Montolivet – Pere Aleixandre” (Bus stop ID: 1765), which is very close to the Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofía Opera house.

The Falleras Artists Workshops

So the Fallas Festival is what to do in Valencia with kids, but perhaps you can’t come in March. Well, the next best thing to do in Valencia with children is to visit the workshops where the Fallas are being made. This place is located northwest of town and is called “Ciutat Fallera,” or Fallera city. It is not the easiest place to access, but if you’ve seen some of the creations that these guys make for Fallas, then it’s completely worth it to visit and see them crafting their latest work.

The Falleras Artists Workshops: Our Top 23 Things to do in Valencia with Kids

By most accounts — including our own — the artists (called falleros) allow you to walk into their warehouse studios and witness them at work. Not all, of course, so if someone says no, then honor their request. That said, one guy even made an effort to tell us more about what he was working on. Yet don’t expect them to stop what they’re doing for you. Be respectful, and stay out of their way. In addition, there is another museum of saved Fallas statues here, as well, along with more detail on how they are made and the evolution of the earliest fallas statues (18th Century) to the spectacle that they have become today. These museums are our some of our favorite attractions in Valencia for kids.

The Falleras Artists Workshops: Our Top 23 Things to do in Valencia with Kids

  • The warehouses are located on Carrer de Carles Cortina in the area called “Ciutat Fallera.” It takes about 30 minutes (bus #28) from the bus station in front of Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia. The best time to visit is probably a little after 12 noon. If you go there too early, many might still be closed. The Museum of the Falles Artists of València nearby and worth a visit (3.00€ for adults, 2.50€ for kids) The museum is open for 10:00am-2:00pm/4:00pm-7:00 pm from Mondays to Fridays, and from 10:00am-3:00 pm on Saturdays. Unlike many museums in Valencia old city area, it is closed on Sunday.

More Museums in Valencia (that kids may get less out of)

Inside of Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia - Valencia museums

Okay, so there are many more Valencia museums I’d like to recommend, but I have to be honest with you can say that not all kids would enjoy them as much as I did. With this in mind, if your Valencia holiday has limited time, then possibly give these Valencia museums a pass unless there is a special interest. 

La Lonja

This is a UNESCO Heritage site and a stop on many Historical Valencia Tours, but if you choose to go on your own, then you should know that while fascinating to me (the home of Valencia’s once-vibrant silk exchange), our kids were ready to go pretty quickly. However, visits can be short, and it’s very close to the Central Market, which kids often like. We also stopped at this chocolate shop around the corner any time we’d take guests to La Lonja. If you’re in Valencia with kids and this could be used as leverage, then you’re welcome. 

Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia

Spain is a predominantly Catholic country, and some of the country’s most important religious art is in this museum. Set in a renovated Baroque building, the walls here are covered mostly with images of Jesus, Mary, and Saint Sebastian. There are many works by Van Dyck, Murillo, Velázquez, and Goya. At first, my kids were in awe of the golden altarpieces but quickly grew bored. This place is one of the best things to do in Valencia with kids interested in art history, but keep in mind that it may not engage them for long. 

  • Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia is open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Tuesday through Sunday. You can walk from Torres de Serranos in less than 10 min. Admission free.

The National Ceramics Museum

Inside of Museo Nacional de Ceramica y Artes Suntuarias Gonzalez Marti  (a.k.a. The National Ceramics Museum): Our Top 23 Things to do in Valencia with Kids
The name of this unfeasibly beautiful building is somewhat misleading, as it houses quite a bit more than ceramics. Once a wealthy merchant’s mansion, every surface is adorned with opulent detail, and gorgeous furniture and paintings. These aren’t the kind of attractions in Valencia that will keep most kids entranced for long, though. With that in mind, head straight for the most elaborate stuff. Once you pass the carved musculature of the front entrance and buy a ticket, walk toward the ornately decorated horse carriages on the first floor. You might keep them interested for a spell.

  • Museo Nacional de Ceramica y Artes Suntuarias Gonzalez Marti is located at Carrer del Poeta Querol, 2, about 5 min walk from Plaza de Reina. They are open 10:00am-2:00 pm/4:00pm-8:00 pm from Tuesdays to Saturdays, and 10:00am-2:00 pm on Sundays. Admission is 3.00€ for adults, and free for kids under 18 y/o or seniors over 65 y/o.

Historical Places in Valencia with Kids

With golden towers and a cathedral that claims to house the Holy Grail (seriously), Valencia is steeped in history. From the Romans to today, there is much to see. Here are a few historical sites we recommend visiting in Valencia with kids. 

Torres de Serranos

In front of Torres de Serrano Valencia Spain, Girl eating chocolate candy

Built in 1392, this Gothic gateway is one of the oldest and best-preserved buildings in Valencia. There were twelve gates to this once-walled city. Now there are two: Torres de Serranos and the Torres de Quart. You can climb these towers, too (go on Sundays when it’s free).

Overlooking the old quarter on one side and the park and Bellas Artes museum on the other, the view from the top is impressive. The roads south from here go straight to Plaza de Virgin and the heart of the old town’s El Carmen district. It’s what to do in Valencia with kids when you’re downtown. Many Valencia tours that deal with the city’s history meet here, and any Valencia holiday should make time to visit, as lots of local festivals happen close by. 

Torres de Quart

Torres de Quart 740

Another gate to the city, Torres de Quart is located west of the city quarter and was built between 1441 and 1460. You can walk there in less than 15 min from Torres de Serranos. The road through the gate (Carrer de Quart) to the Plaza de la Virgen takes you right through Plaza del Tossal where there are a number of good tapas restaurants. We love La Pilareta at the corner here. Also on this road (which becomes Carrer del Cavallers) is the Toy Soldier Museum mentioned below. The walk between the tower and Plaza de la Virgen is roughly 10 minutes and one of the easiest things to do in Valencia Spain with children. That said, there is no elevator FYI.

  • Both Torres de Serranos and Torres de Quart are open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am. Closing time is 7:00pm for Spring/Summer (Mar 15-Oct 14), 6:00pm for Fall/Winter (Oct 15-Mar 14), and 3:00pm for Sundays/Holidays. Closed on Mondays. Admission is 2.00€ for adults, 1.00€ for kids, but free on Sundays/Holidays.

El Carmen / Plaza de la Virgen

Plaza de la Virgen, Valencia Spain

Valencia is an old city, and you feel the age most in places like El Carmen, which is one of its oldest districts and most photographed attractions in Valencia. Winding alleys are filled with cathedrals, basilicas, open-air restaurants and cafes. The heart of this district is the Plaza de la Virgen. Its fountain was once the city’s forum when Rome ruled the area (look for the Latin inscription in the stones).

This is a great place to relax with a coffee or cocktail and let the kids chase pigeons and gawk at the various tourists, skateboarders, and buskers that frequent the area. The Valencia Cathedral is just around the corner, and it is spectacular. Some of you will be interested to know that this cathedral claims to have the Holy Grail. Go see it for yourself. True or not, one of the most interesting things to do in Valencia with kids or history buffs.

Best Valencia Tours for History Fans

If time is limited and you want to see, learn and experience a lot, then consider some of these Valencia tours. The below Valencia tours focus on the city’s history. 

Historical Valencia Tour with Paella

Walking Street Art Valencia Tour with Horchata and Fartón

Architecture and History Valencia Tours

History of Valencia Tours: Guided Walking Tour

1-Hour Medieval Valencia Tours on a Segway 

Markets, Shopping & Food in Valencia

If you’re in need of a mall or department store, just seek out the nearest branch of El Corte Ingles or head to somewhere like Aqua north of the Science museum. Below, however, are our favorite places to visit in Valencia with children when you need to shop, window-shop, buy food, or just grab a snack and people watch.

Central Market / Mercat Central

The Central Market exterior: Things to do in Valencia with Kids

Spanish food is beautiful. Spanish markets are too, and Valencia’s Central Market is one of the most beautiful ones in Europe. It’s considered one of the oldest European markets still in operation, as well. Moorish design influences mix with art-deco to create a building that’s stunning to take in. 

Then there’s the food: heaping piles of meat, fish and produce perfectly arranged, in addition to specialty stands for cheeses, wines, oils, and others. This market is special. If you plan to visit other markets in the city (see them below), save the Central Market for last if you can. It’s what to do in Valencia with kids when everyone is hungry. 

The Central Market Inside: Things to do in Valencia with Kids

Eating in the Central Market

Michelin-starred chef, Ricard Camarena has a stand in the market and it’s definitely worth stopping in. For one, it’s the cheapest way to eat at an establishment like his (this is casual food here, and it’s not too expensive). Secondly, the raucous market atmosphere makes it easy to eat here with loud kids and not feel self-conscious. My kids like to buy fruit at Mercat Central: strawberries, grapes, oranges or chirimoya, depending on the season. And for me, I go straight to the ham and the guys selling olives stuffed with octopus, sun-dried tomatoes and anchovies. Easily one of the best things to do in Valencia for foodies.

  • The Central Market is located at Plaza del Mercat. Open Monday to Saturday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. Closed on Sundays.

Colon and the Colon Market

Colon Market Valencia: Our Top 23 Things to do in Valencia with Kids

For both High Street and bargain shopping, the Colon district is ideal. There are two El Corte Ingles shopping centers here, as well as heaps of shops, restaurants, and cafes on the side streets. There’s also an Abacus Store, which carries all sorts of arts & crafts materials. They also have school supplies for kids, maps and a decent selection of English books. On the southern end of Colon is the Colon Market, a beautiful art-deco open-air pavilion with many places to stop for a meal or a snack. The surrounding square of streets offers plenty of stores specializing in kids items: toys, infant wear, and unique kids’ clothes.

Colon Market Valencia Spain

The Colon market is more for shopping, coffee and cakes, and dining than an actual grocery market. They do have specialty shops on the basement level for produce, seafood, meats, wine, and cheese. Colon market, however, is more about enjoying the building’s ambiance and people watching while you sip a coffee and chat with family and friends.

The Russafa Market

Russafa market fruit: Things to do in Valencia with Kids

This was our neighborhood market, and while it isn’t the biggest or the most beautiful, it has its significant charms. The area surrounding it — called Russafa — has been compared to Brooklyn in NYC. It was once a working-class/immigrant neighborhood that’s quickly transforming into coffee shops, design firms and yoga studios. It’s grittier than the more classically European old town, and with a significantly larger number of vegan restaurants and noserings. We like the mix of old and new here.

Festivals & Events

banner cover Las Fallas - Best Spanish Festivals — Festivals in Spain

Traditional festivals are a welcome addition to any Valencia holiday. Sure, lots of people talk about Tomatina, the big colossal food fight that happens just outside of town, but we don’t necessarily consider that a great festival in Valencia for kids. Instead,  here are alternatives that are much better for a Valencia holiday.

Las Fallas

The Fallas Festival: What to do in Valencia, Spain Dionyseus

Out of all the Spanish festivals I know of, I think that I would recommend Las Fallas the most. We’ve been three times now and I wish we could go back again every year. Las Fallas mixes art and creativity with full-on pyromania. Don’T worry: it’s safe, and any kids in Valencia there to witness it would love it.

Moors & Christian Parades

parade valencia with kids valencia tours valencia holiday

As mentioned earlier, Valencia and much of Spain was once ruled by the Ottoman Empire but was then reclaimed by the Crusaders. This event is memorialized across Southern Spain via parades. In these parades, hundreds if not thousands of people dress in a wide variety of costumes, depicting the Moor (Muslim/Arabic) armies and the Crusaders (Christian/Westerners) who fought against them. We’ve seen the main parade on Valencia’s national day (October 9th), but we’ve seen other parades in smaller communities at various times of the year. 

Other Fun Valencia Attractions

Valencia CF Stadium - valencia tours & valencia soccer

Valencia CF Stadium Tour

For Soccer/Football fans this is what to do in Valencia. Valencia has two La Liga/Champions League teams, and the most well-known one is the eponymously-named Valencia CF. The stadium is a 10-minute walk from Turia Park, and there are guided tours several times a day. Our guide spoke English, Spanish and Italian, and gave us a thorough exploration of the facilities, which included the locker room, the press room, and the trophy room.

Valencia CF Trophy Valencia CF Stadium - valencia tours & valencia soccer

Valencia CF Stadium Valencia Tours

When you book the tour by phone, if you don’t speak Spanish, you will need to be patient. If no one picks up or the connection is lost, call again. If interested, please check their website for more info.

Yelmo Movie Theater

Keen to go to the movies but want to see your film in English? This theater is your best bet. Look for “V.O.S.E” (original version with Spanish subtitles) next to your choice. Yelmo is on Avenida de Tirso de Molina 16. It’s less than 10 min walk from Turia metro station and less than 10 minutes from an entrance to the Jardin de la Turia.

  • Yelmo theater is located at Centro Commercial Mercado de Campanar. Avda. de Tirso de Molina, nº16. Valencia. Tickets are 5.90 € (Monday to Thursday) or 7,90 € (Other days) for Adults and 5.90 € for Children under 13 years. Movies on Wednesdays are 4.50€. You can find movie times (in Spanish) here.

Where to Eat in Valencia

_la pepica Best Restaurants in Valencia Spain - Where to Eat in Valencia tours

There is a ridiculous amount of great food in Valencia for kids. Whether it’s paella, tapas, sandwiches or sweets, there is Spanish food for everyone’s tastes. Just keep in mind that Spanish people may eat at very different times than you’re used to. Lunch is the largest meal of the day, and dinner can be very, very late for the usual traveling family on a Valencia holiday. More on that later, but first, a few of our favorites:

  • Ubik Cafe: Great coffee, generous lunches & cocktails. Very kid-friendly. One of my fave places in Russafa.
  • Mythos VLC: fantastic menu del dia that usually comes with fresh fish and amazing desserts. 
  • Orio: A great pinxos place near city hall. Tall seats in front by regular table upstairs and in the back. 
  • La Pepica: great spot for paella out the La Malvarosa beach.
  • Dulce de Leche: Known best for their desserts (amazing), this Russafa cafe has great sandwiches as well.

Valencia food posts

Want more? We have an entire post on where to eat in Valencia with kids or without. 

Read Our Top Places to Eat in Valencia Spain

Learn More About Spanish Meal Times and Dining Culture

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Best Valencia Tours for Foodies

Any Valencia holiday will be filled with great food. If you’re looking for more culinary opportunities in Valencia for kids, then here are a few Valencia tours to consider. 

3-Hour Tapas Tour in Valencia

Valencia Food Tours: Treats and Tastes with a Local

Authentic Valencian Paella Cooking Class

Valencia  Tours: Mercat Central and Valencian Brunch

Where to Stay in Valencia

 Family Travel in Valencia: Palacio de Rojas Review - valencia holiday

There are loads of great places to stay in Valencia with kids. Whether you’re on a month-long Valencia holiday or just a weekend getaway, I’ve listed up where to stay in Valencia with children or without. 

Read Our Full Report: Where to Stay in Valencia with Kids

Day Trips from Valencia

If you want to get out of town on a day trip from Valencia, then there are plenty of options. Locals tend to prefer the small towns that hug the Mediterranean Coast, and we like them too, but there are even more day trips from valencia than a beach weekend. Here are a few of our favorites that are perfect for your Valencia holiday. 


albufera valencia with kids valencia tours valencia holiday

This nature reserve just south of town is the home of paella and has a culture all its own.


Sea Kayaking in Spain with Siesta Advisor - Javea, Costa Blanca valencia tours

Drive a few hours south and you have beautiful waters that are perfect for swimming and kayaking. 

Benidorm and the Costa Blanca

Terra Mítica: One of the Best Amusement Parks in Spain - valencia holiday

The stretch of beach towns south of Valencia goes from small and sleepy to loud and garish. And we enjoyed them all. We loved the relaxed feel of Altea, then we enjoyed the electric energy of Benidorm, a super-duper touristy town with water parks and amusement parks. We particularly liked Terra Mitica, a Mythology-themed amusement park with a few killer roller coasters.

Conclusion: Valencia with Kids

I hope this post helps you find what to do in Valencia with kids. There are many more kid-friendly things to do in Valencia, and we plan to check them out. This list is just what we’re familiar with so far. I’m sure that I will add more to this list the longer we stay here.

Read Our Complete Guide To Valencia for How to get around, Where to eat and stay, and more!

Have you been to Valencia? What did you enjoy the most? Where did you go? Where did you eat? I would love to hear from you if you are traveling to Valencia with kids and if you have anything you would like to know about Valencia. Leave a comment below or contact me directly.

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