Villa Nipah Review: Great Family Villa in Lombok

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Looking for a great family villa in Lombok? Read our Villa Nipah review below. If you’re looking for a mellow and secluded spot for an island getaway, this could be the place.

Villa Nipah Review: Great Family Villa in Lombok pool night 2

Villa Nipah Review: Great Family Villa in Lombok pool day bedroom 2

Villa Nipah Review: Great Family Villa in Lombok

We’ve stayed in a wide variety of places in Indonesia. From hotels in the Sumatran jungle to tents on tiny Lombok beaches. One of our favorite places to stay was Villa Nipah on the west side of Lombok. If you’re looking for a place to relax and see a bit of the island, this is a great family villa in Lombok.

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The Rooms: Villa Nipah Review

Villa Nipah Review: Great Family Villa in Lombok pool day bedroom 1

Villa Nipah Review: Great Family Villa in Lombok bathroom closet

Villa Nipah Review: Great Family Villa in Lombok bedroom 2 collage

Villa Nipah’s main building holds two large bedrooms connected by a small living area. Each bedroom has a king-size bed with a view of the pool just outside the door. Both bedrooms have AC, a large flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom.

There’s also plenty of storage and closet space to keep all of our stuff, with a small desk in each room, as well.

Having two en suite bedrooms connected like this was perfect for our family. The kids and the parents had plenty of space, but we were still together.

The Bathroom: Villa Nipah Review

Villa Nipah’s bathrooms are also spacious and partly open-air. The rainshower-type fixtures pour onto gray slate. Look up and you might see the stars at night.

The Pool: Villa Nipah Review

Villa Nipah Review: Great Family Villa in Lombok pool night

Villa Nipah Review: Great Family Villa in Lombok pool day

Walking up the steps to the villa, the first thing you’ll see is Villa Nipah’s pool. It’s about chest-deep and shaded by palm trees so it’s still cool and refreshing after a day in the sun.

There are a picnic table and some lounge chairs to chill in. What our kids liked best were the small gazebo and its Bluetooth sound system. This turned our villa into a private pool party on more than one afternoon.

The operative word here is private. In many of our family travels, there is the occasional concern that the kids might annoy the other guests. That goes double when staying at nice resorts or other island getaways. Don’t get me wrong: our kids aren’t monsters. But they are kids, and when they’re in a pool, they tend to act like it.

Translation: things get loud and splashy.

They can do that at Villa Nipah. They can jump and squeal and splash and we didn’t worry a bit about them bothering anyone.

The Roof: Villa Nipah Review

Villa Nipah Review: Great Family Villa in Lombok roof

Villa Nipah Review Roof Family villa in Lombok

Villa Nipah’s roof was a total bonus for us. It was like an extra room we weren’t expecting. Step out the back door and walk up the spiral staircase. From there, you’re greeted to a fully-furnished rooftop, complete with blinds for shade and a bamboo table that seats eight.

We ate all our breakfasts here, and two dinners, as well. Our girl found this a great reading spot in the morning (using the ceiling fan of course). That said, one of our family’s favorite moments at Villa Nipah was at night. We turned off all the roof lights (there are many dim and brighter options). Then we looked up at the stars.

Villa Nipah is far enough away from the city lights that the entire milky way spread out before us.

The Location: Villa Nipah Review

Villa Nipah is located about halfway between Senggigi Beach and the Bangsal Harbor. If you want to go to town for food or tours, head to Senggigi. If you want to catch a boat to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, head to Bangsal. Both are about 20 minutes by taxi, and Villa Nipah can call it for you.

Being away from the harbor and the Senggigi strip has some advantages. It’s quiet at night, so you can enjoy the stars in peace. Are the kids in a rowdy mood? No problem. The villa is set apart enough that you can make noise if you want or enjoy the peace and quiet.

There’s a small restaurant less than 50 meters from the villa. The food here is basic: fried rice and noodles mostly. It’s not fantastic, but it’s cheap, and they can make it without spices, which is rare. You can even get it as room service for a minor additional charge. Villa Nipah also has a snack menu that includes waffles with ice cream, fried chicken, and burgers.

Villa Nipah Review: Great Family Villa in Lombok ikan baka fish bbq restaurant

Walk across the street from Villa Nipah and your food options get more interesting. Lining the road here are a number of ikan bakar (fish BBQ) huts, where they grill the fish right in front of you. Walk another five minutes to Nipah Beach. Here you’ll find lots of locals and locally-run warungs selling satay and other treats.

Can you get these without spices? It’s worth a try. Just keep in mind that many Lombok natives don’t fully understand “no spicy.” If you want pizza or sandwiches, it’s best to grab a taxi to Senggigi Beach. There you’ll find plenty of western food options.

New Villas on the Way

During our stay, we saw Villa Nipah’s second building under construction. In addition to the two-bedroom villa we stayed in, soon there will be four more. Each new room will be smaller, but with nice high ceilings. These new rooms will have two twin beds, with two additional twin mattresses available for families. Some of these rooms connect as well.

There will be a second pool, too, complete with a pool bar for the parents.

Villa Nipah Review Summary

Villa Nipah Review: Great Family Villa in Lombok bedroom 1 collage

Want just the facts? Here’s a quick rundown of our Villa Nipah Review in bite-sized chunks.

What We Liked

  • Quiet, private space
  • Spacious, connected rooms
  • Two full bathrooms

What We Loved

  • Great pool
  • Decent wifi (at last!)
  • Bluetooth stereo
  • Great roof space

Other Things

  • The wifi was some of the best we had in Lombok, but that’s still not great
  • Phones had to re-register the wifi password regularly. Computers were fine.
  • The AC and water pressure were slightly better in the right-hand unit.

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