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Our goal at An Epic Education and the Epic Education Radio podcast is to inspire families to see more of the world together and to give parents the information and advice they need to make the most out of family travel.

We address both the WHY and the HOW of family travel. We aim to inspire, but more importantly, we want to help those who are already committed to meaningful family travel by providing with the tips, tools, and resources they need:

  • Destination information
  • Product, service & accommodation reviews
  • Practical, actionable travel tips
  • Interviews with experienced family travelers
  • Personal travel stories

We believe that travel nurtures leadership, empathy, and education in both children and those who choose to travel with them. Travel expands your understanding of the world and prepares you to become a better citizen, sibling, parent, spouse, and friend.

With that said, we are happy to promote products and services that will benefit both our readers and your brand.

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Jason is the founder of An Epic Education and has been writing professionally since 2001, working for newspapers, online magazines, corporate clients, artists and advertising agencies.

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We are open to other suggestions, as long as it benefits everyone involved: your brand, our audience, and An Epic Education. Please note that we do not sell links on our site. These requests will be ignored.

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